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Maybe Bitcoin (BTC) has already set a new “quasi-gold standard” for the world, or it goes up to a million or zero, believing that it is a well-known entrepreneurial capital in California.

Speaking to Pomp Podcast this week, Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Antorgan Pulpiano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, a digital asset management firm, said he had always thought “intoxication didn’t always matter” was very much like Bitcoin. At what price does Bitcoin work? “It’s zero, or it’s millions,” he said.

He then got into an argument with Bitcoin about his “binary” views, saying that “what he will do is create a quasi-gold standard.”

“This will create an index, in addition to the fact that instead of owning gold, where gold is owned by central banks, it is a tool that has a value that determines its participants and among them, and it belongs to everyone. ”
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However, Palihapitiya said that while Bitcoin could never be the same as gold, it could be considered a form of “gold 2.0”:

“It replaces the value-added method you need to make money,” said the well-known investor. However, he also stressed that the replacement of the fiat currency with bitcoin could occur only if the US dollar for some reason turns out to be a serious problem. (Learn more: QE will not cause hyperinflation, says world hyperinflation expert)

He has previously spoken of Bitcoin as a “shmuk insurance” in the hope that it will never be needed again, and now he admits that there is a better chance that “insurance” will work.

“But now, if the probability was 1% that it [insurance] would be worth it, unfortunately, the probability now is like 5% or 10%, and there is a real chance that by 2030, we will not be able to find a way out of our solution.” On the massive level of debt and unfinished pension obligations found around the world.

As previously reported, Chamath Palihapitiya is a lawyer who uses Bitcoin as part of any traditional investment portfolio, saying Bitcoin is a “fantastic hedge” and that everyone should invest 1% of it as “insurance under the mattress”.


Cheap Phuket Hotels How good are they?

When planning a Phuket vacation, the first step is to find a decent but reasonably priced hotel. Cheap Phuket hotels are available for all types of travelers.
The growing popularity of Phuket as a tourist destination has led to the construction of brick-and-mortar hotels of all prices. Now for tourists visiting the island’s beach resort, there are many choices from luxurious resorts, from every conceivable structure to minimalist hotels to a budget-conscious traveler.
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& # 39; definition of a cheap hotel & # 39; different for different travelers. For many, a cheap hotel means simply staying in a dorm or living room. However, for travelers with families this may not be comfortable. Depending on the desired price range you can search for a hotel in Packet. This can be done either before landing in Phuket or even after arriving.
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If & # 39; cheap & # 39; means paying around $ 20 a night, online booking agents offer the best bet. Sometimes, even if you are incredibly successful, it might even be possible to steal a bargain for more than $ 15 a night. Most of them are 2 star hotels suitable for families.
When & # 39; cheap & # 39; This means the dirt is cheap, hotels in Packet are less than $ 10. These are decent places centered along Phang Nga Road and Ranong Road. Even the popular beaches of Patong, Kata and Karon have some cheap apartments.
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During the low low season some of them even go as low as $ 5. These rooms do not want anything to lean on, but they are good enough to stay for a few days. On a tight budget, many travelers are choosing these cheap Phuket hotels for their low prices.
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Cheap Phuket hotels didn’t necessarily mean you would end up with low-end amenities and services. Occasionally good hotels offer amazing discounts to tempt guests, except for the season.

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Introduce the importance of some of London's most affordable hotels

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is no doubt that this city has an important historical significance, which makes it attractive to most travelers. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this city annually. Individuals travel to this area to check out historical structures, life forms and, of course, Big Ben.
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If you are planning to visit London in the near future, be it business or pleasure, the first thing you need to think about is accommodation, especially if you are traveling on a limited budget. It is always best to know about cheap London hotels to ensure that you have enough money to offer this destination from a few things.
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The following will give you suggestions for affordable hotel services:

Peckham Lodge is a fantastic hotel built in 1849. This hotel is categorized by its impressive building, which is packed with unique features as well as strategic and central. It offers a variety of services, and you can choose from a variety of rooms depending on your budget.
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Queens Hotel can be in Tuffnell Park. This beautiful hotel is an exceptional one of the few places that offer high quality services at low prices. This is located at Tufnell Park Station, Kings Cross, as well as Kings Cross St. Near the stations of Pancras. All rooms are furnished with appropriate sanitary facilities, in addition to other amenities such as central heating, television and coffee / tea making facilities.

In addition, while staying at this hotel you will enjoy a traditional full English breakfast.
Finally, Tommy Miahs & # 39; Raj Hotel can be found in Islington, which is also a wonderful property and one of the most popular in the area. This hotel will remain an ideal place when you have a limited budget for your holiday. Offering Indian-style amenities, this hotel features a bar and a tea room on the ground floor.
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When you stay at this hotel you will enjoy many different aromas and teas. The hotel will provide you with beautifully furnished rooms equipped with many amenities. One more advantage of staying at this hotel would be the location, as it is easy to get to in many of the city’s most popular places.
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How to deal with bed bugs in hotels

If you are a frequent traveler, then you will definitely love to stay in hotels during your trip. When choosing your hotel, one of the most important factors is whether you can safely sleep well. Unfortunately, this is getting more and more difficult now, as the country slips out of bed bugs. These carriers in your hotel room can even turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. This problem can dramatically decrease the quality of your life, and no one should deal with it.
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If you’ve recently stayed in a hotel or talked to someone who has, then you may be aware that those mistakes are a big problem. It is strange because we often think of a hotel room as a nice clean place where we can just lay and sleep. Moreover, it does not seem to be the case at all. It is now almost impossible to enter a hotel anywhere without the thought of our back. I hope this hotel has no beds.
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When you think of bed bugs in motels and hotels, what probably comes to mind first is the seeding hotel, as well as all the other issues. However, these parasites have recently been shown everywhere, including the most prestigious hotels in the world. If some of them are not careful, they run the risk of losing their reputation forever. Hotels are often visited by people who travel all the time, and they can easily transport these parasitic insects. No hotel gets rid of bandits around the world.
Find Cheap Hotels Nearby
While the situation may seem hopeless, there are many steps you can take to keep yourself from falling into these carriers. At least, you can minimize the damage that hotel bugs can do to you and your family.
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Always check early to see if there is any bed bug information in the hotel that you plan to stay at. If you trust the honesty of the hotel staff, you might want to ask them if there have been hotel bed bugs lately in their establishment. There are also a number of products you can use to kill them or keep them safe if you are in contact with bed bugs.
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A professional interior photographer shares the benefits of electronic Flash lighting systems

For exterior photography and interior photography, bright lighting makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of an architectural photograph, regardless of whether commercial photography has advertised an architectural or interior product; hotel / resort photos to advertise the hospitality market. interior design photos for interior designers, or architectural or architectural photography for the builder. In today's and 39th competitive market, architects, interior designers and the hospitality industry all need a good interior photographer to stand out from the crowd.

The predominant tendency for indoor photography has been more or less recent (since the digital age) use of lighting and relied primarily, if not exclusively, on environmental light (naturally occurring light) combining the effects of HDR software or PhotoShop layers. This technique, though popular and easy, results in a smooth and uninteresting look that lacks drama and interest, thus presenting a very widespread or even rational look. No software technique can replace the beauty of exquisite lighting in interior photography; Interesting lighting can only be achieved by the use of additional light. A good interior photographer doesn't just shine because of technical requirements, as he rarely does these days, but rather illuminates life, style, drama and excitement to create beautiful, interior-style photos.

Interior lighting is a difficult task. it's really an art. When photographing the interior, the interior photographer must be able to control the impact of existing light and balance it with the surrounding light, as well as other bright light sources, and for this the high-power flash lighting system offers maximum flexibility and control.

The Flash Flashing System lets you balance the effect of light with existing light, whether for residential interior photography, hotel photography, commercial photography or large industrial sites. For example, when strong sunlight shines into the universe, or when there is an external view through the window to be preserved in the photo, the use of a powerful electronic flash drive will make all the difference in simplicity, contrast, and visual interest. in space. Electronic flexibility will allow one to "exceed power" or balance to the light of the surrounding light, and this system also enables complete control over the ratio, or the influence of artificial light on the surroundings, which is important in creating lighting effects and controlling the area's "appearance". and feeling, "especially in small spaces, such as residential interior photography. For example, if the day was shaky and one wanted to illuminate a strong stream of sunlight through the window, an effective technique would be to paint the window through the window, or use a strong indoor lighting head to create basic indoor light. strong shadows and highlights. Conversely, if strong sunlight came into the room and one wanted to "burn" the area that was illuminated by the direct sunlight, the electronic lantern would use the room's light level to bring it to sunlight. , so there's a nice, natural balance. An acceleration balance exists when the time of impact (the key from bright light) and the f-stop (key from the key effect) are in equilibrium. If the range of exposure is too extreme, or if the window has an external view that is important for indoor photography, it can be separated for bright areas, including light sources (wall handles, chandeliers, etc.). and then mix the layers together using later-generation Photoshop techniques and masking the layers.

Another advantage of electronic flash lighting is that rectifiers can be installed to balance them with a predominant light source, which is invaluable in corporate or industrial interiors because they are often illuminated by fluorescent or metallic fixtures. : which produce a very smooth and uninteresting quality of light. In this lighting scenario, the Rosco Green Adjustment Filter, as well as different degree of heat filtration (Rosco 1 / 2CTO) on the burning heads, balances the flash heads 5000 to 5500 K to the luminescents. If the scene is mostly illuminated by tungsten light, the indoor photographer will make a Roscoe 1/2 CTO on the flash head (or perhaps a CTO filter if it is a mix of daylight and tungsten).

Using this system of light illumination, the lighting system will allow the architect or interior photographer total control of the lighting effect, thereby being able to set his or her own lighting style. Bringing higher standard lighting will also serve your customer better as it differentiates the level of presentation of their hotel, interior design or interior design and the cost of marketing. Exquisite lighting plays an important compositional role in high quality architectural photography, and should be considered an important visual element on which total control should be exercised.

5 Steps to New Patriotism: What can you do?

According to the election results, there is a tidal wave of optimism and hope. On the eve of the new president, we are pregnant with expectations and surprises, and some of us with fear. What will happen next, and how can I help? If there has ever been a time when one has meaning, now. What is it you can i do

Of course, there is not much you can do about the economy, the Iraq war, or the state of our education system. Searching for "there" is what makes us feel small, helpless and powerless. But President-elect Obama has told us: "So let us gather a new spirit of patriotism, responsibility, where each of us is determined to work harder and take care not only of us but of one another." He has set guidelines for our participation in this new America. And before we can invest in what you can do, let me assure you of this: Never doubt that what you do and how you treat each of us as a whole. It does

  • First, President-elect Obama called on us to invite new patriotism within our individuals. What does this mean for you? It is a call include:. In the new patriotism you will try to see your compatriots as legitimate beings with legitimate concerns, opinions and views. It means that you will feel them in love, even when you hear a view that you do not see, not even say you share. How do you see them as valuable? Their concerns or opinions are not just who they are, but just opinions. This is essential patriotism 101. Everyone and every point of view should be here. Hooray for that, because if this weren't right, your opinion wouldn't be here either. So when someone raises a question that makes your blood boil, this time it stops. Discuss your inner frustration like this: you say Then really listen.
  • This new patriotism is about the end of division and the end of the movement in unity. It allows for all things. It listens to everything. In the past, it was wrong to believe that old patriotism was unique. If you think of the form of "we", you are in. This new patriotism magnifies and values ​​all opinions and people. It includes: So when you hear some old talk, old fornication, slander, silence, and distraction, you can move on. You are no longer able to respond to equal gossip, slander, and derogatory words. You can respond with tolerance and understanding. These old forms of thinking have their roots in irrational fear. No word will ever soothe irrational fear. But you can allow someone else to express their fear without being answered. You can answer this: “I can understand how you can think about it. But there is more, let's watch this event. Everyone is included in this feast, even you. " If your expectations are not met during this election, you may be open to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised, if not surprised. You can relax and let your needs, desires and expectations also matter. You can look for and expect the good.
  • As for responsibility: We all have a responsibility to be actively involved in this new patriotism in our government. We need to pay attention and stay awake; Email, phone, and the like are in line with our opinions, concerns, praise, and, above all, our ideas with our senators, representatives, and the White House. They are important, unique and will be heard.
  • What about working better and working? Promote the best you can. If this is literally on the sidewalk or running a marathon for something, and you can and feel the urge to do it, do it. Put in your ideas and inspirations. If you can't say something nice or constructive, be determined to stay as long as you can. Work harder on your inner state. Pay attention to how you feel. If you run a tape after a roll of negative, frightening thoughts and ideas, retire them and delete them. Work hard to get yourself involved in this new model, as you will be excluded only by your own ideas.
  • As for searching for others, as much as you want to look for yourself. This is knowing that there is enough for everyone and a table for everyone. In your personal meetings, connect everyone to the idea of ​​winning / winning. How can this work for all the higher goods concerned? Then start looking for these ways.

Applying one or all of these practices will not only make life happier for you, but also for us, the Whole. This is the new patriotism of power in Love, which is based on your personal self-development.

Fable rock and hard place. A choice from fear or faith

In the process of self-development and personal transformation, we often come to a place of choice where we choose to be doomed. We are caught between Rocky and a hard place. Passing through this node is an infinite probability.

The Rock represents your mental thinking, which usually tells you the logical, rational and linear way to go. Safe road, commonly accepted road, easy way out. The hard place inside you is that deep place that wants you to follow your heart, take you high on the ground, and follow your bliss. It is rare in this world when you develop a higher level of consciousness that avoids spoiling the rock and the hard place.

The dilemma is between you and you. Little one, you are the one with the human mind who wants the way that is most taken. Yours is your Bible that wants you to keep track of your joy.

On the journey of higher consciousness you reach for infinite possibilities, but human thinking which you do not believe in them in this context. You may believe the "miracle" in another context, but you can do it in this one.

For example, you & # 39; You are talking to a friend again about leaving a miserable job where the salary is low and the boss miserable. You may be advised to take the risk, take on the work that seems most enjoyable in Alaska. For this choice, it's easy for you to know that what feels better is definitely a better choice for your friend than staying miserable.

However, when the choice is up to you, you are steamed and steamed on it. You keep going on that miserable, rotten affair, getting bored with your mind day by day and devouring the criticism voiced by undervalued leadership. Every chance you get, though, you're looking for a new job. Then, here and here, find one. You go in for an interview, and everything seems to be true, except for one thing – no benefit. The payment is better. position is exactly what you are looking for in decision-making responsibilities. You spend your own hours and get bonuses for timely and budget-driven projects. This is exactly the challenge you are looking for. And to turn everything off you can set your own hours and even work from home. However, positions are of no use.

Now comes the rock and the hard place about this one problem of benefits. But it's not really about the benefits, it's about your faith and confidence in trusting the good in you. Your human mind begins to sound all the warnings of judgment about illness and accidents. It jumps down on you automatically because it has found the perfect job that will make you happy every day.

It comes with it. You both believe in and trust in your goodness or your don & # 39; t: You will either choose to live in the Faith and be directed to know that your good is real. or you live "safe" by allowing fear to guide your adventures on Earth.

These scenarios are the most intestinal as you go through them. but they are the ones who respond to your free life quest, more joy, more love – but you will have to grow your consciousness from fear to faith in your good in order to pass it from the past. These are the decisive moments of life. the road travels most often or the road travels less often.

Your Spirit, your god, your true Self reach for fun, joy, fulfillment.

Follow That ; your Good always plays . Your good is infinite. Your good always feels good.

San Francisco and Latin Quarterly # 39

The Apostolic District, or more commonly called the Mission, is one of San Francisco's 39th districts with a large Latino population. The area was named after the sixth mission of Alta California, the Mission San Francisco de Asis mission, which was built on the site prior to civilization because of the land occupied by a Mexican American ranch.

Before the arrival of Roman Catholic Spanish missionaries, the area had been inhabited by the Indians for nearly two millennia. The peaceful tribe of Indians who lived on the outskirts of the coast were later used as slaves by the French masters, and the period marked the end of Ollon's culture.

The mission was listed as a Spanish neighborhood during the 50's and 60's, and today it is a neighborhood of Spanish and Chicano cultures, and its inhabitants include a number of artists, hipsters, while a number of Mexicans, Salvadorans, and other Latin American restaurants. there are many. At the heart of the mission area is Mission Dolores, one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco and the site of the Spanish mission. In recent times, this unique district has improved significantly, creating expensive restaurants and workplaces for street artists to facilitate a better tourism experience.

One of the most popular sights in the region is Balm Alley, an alley full of frescoes on 24th and 25th streets. The frescoes initiated the Chicano Art Mural movement in the 1970s and 39s, while traditional Mexican paintings by renowned artist Diego Rivera can be found on Balm and Clarion Ale.

Near the apostolic district is Bernal Heights, which is referred to as a smaller version of the Castro District, a popular LGBT dependency. The area is widely shared by the lesbian community and is an eclectic neighborhood with a wealth of homes. The main attraction here is the Hill, which is essentially a wide grassy area that offers breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, Diablo Mountain and the city.

San Francisco hotels can be found in the eclectic mission area. San Francisco hotels that offer great travel packages for guests are a great place to explore this city.

Psychological archeology

I had the opportunity to interview Stefan Schwartz, who was a pioneer in "mental archeology" where in physics & # 39; meaning & # 39; Location of the ancient site, drawing circles on the map.

One of his projects was in Egypt, where they found Cleopatra & # 39; palace palace and Mark Anthony & # 39; the palace – Timonium and the luminous house of the Pharaohs – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. He shows me pictures where they are busy finding the edge of the ship.

They used remote control electronic equipment, such as lateral scanning sonars or proton precision magnets and ground-penetrating radar.

Schwartz. “I always want to see. Could you find it using electronic sources? Because one of the criticisms is that: Anyone could find & # 39;

I use a lot of remote viewers, I get information before I go to the site, I get more information before I go to the site. Some of this information is transmitted to a third party prior to actual fieldwork. Then we dig, and then we have independent experts who evaluate what viewers actually found. »

Schwartz enthusiastically showed me pictures on his computer: "Now here & # 39; for example, we had a very skeptical archeology department from the University of Alexandria, and they said "we" & # 39; if you can't find something and we will be able to control it the whole way. & # 39; And so they wanted to find a buried building that had a tiled floor in the buried city. And so we went to the desert with two psychologists. this is one place.

So here's George McMullen, the psychologist, and I, and we, and we & # 39; we go out into the middle of the desert. Where do you look? And we have to search for about 1,500 square kilometers. Some time later, we were forced to put a make-up on, and then we forced Hela Hamid (another psychologist) to do the same thing. Then we bring George back to the pit and literally tell him – & # 39; Now place a stake in the corners of the building. & # 39; Now think about it, you can't be more than a few inches. So we dug down, and there you see the walls start to emerge. »

I asked him why people no longer do the archaeological research he has done.

Schwartz. "I think that perhaps the underlying thing is that the whole assumption that there is an aspect of consciousness that is independent of the space of time is just too much for some people to go outside and a kind of reality boundary. .

I don't for a moment think this is new or previously unknown; I think thousands of years have been known about this, especially Buddhism and Hinduism. »


Stephan talked about science fiction father Jules Verne, who was an inspirational French writer.

In 1863, he envisioned space flights and voyages to the moon, guided missiles, glass and steel skyscrapers, global communications networks and submarines that were leaving hundreds of men off the surface. He foresaw with great precision all these inventions and things that would be accomplished by them long before they became a reality. Some people think that many of these ideas came true. It can be very good.

Then Schwartz told me how in recent years he has asked about 4,000 people to watch the year 2050. This is what they found according to Schwarz.

People will live in small communities; People will travel in virtual reality.

Would it be safer? There will be no small war, and terror will still be there.

We now think there will be a shortage of resources due to over-agreement, but they are & # 39; saw & # 39; the problem will be at a low population level. The pharmaceutical industry will disappear. Chronic diseases will be identified before they are born. We will communicate through implanted devices in our bodies. No more money will be used. There will be an energy revolution, and a huge mass emigration of people. Global warming will be very clear in 15 years. Water is going to be a huge problem. And we will all carry a small pack with us. (RS: Maybe a solar battery)


Remote viewing has gone from a laboratory obscene protocol to a social movement with its news media, conferences and a variety of techniques. It has become a craft interest for hundreds of thousands of people in the United States.

90 & # 39; CIA spy program teacher and general coordinator Paul Smith actually realizes the prospects for remote viewing.

There are many people who all teach different techniques. There are rules in the RV so that the information received may not be available to the psychologist in any other way.

As a rule, these rules are called the "Protocol". Protocol does not affect mentality; it has nothing to do with the mental process itself. Instead, it affects a situation that is psychological inside.

Paul Smith taught Ingo Swan, who devised a number of methods in the 1980s.

I had to take her to her home on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, and we drove to a consulting room in the hotel where she usually conducts her RV sessions.

Paul Smith. “I was an Army intelligence officer working at the Middle East office. In fact I was mildly skeptical of ESP, but they approached me and said, "Yeah, we think you & # 39; d are you good for this? "I said well what it is. And they were secretive and said they couldn't tell me until they tested me. So they gave me some tests, and then they told me that they were conducting intelligence against the enemy, using a psychological skill known as Remote Watch, and they said: "We want you to be a psychological spy." And I said, & # 39; WHAT & # 39; s just amazing. You're crazy. & # 39; Obviously this was going to be a lot of fun. Much more fun than what I was doing at the time, so I said, "Well, I'm & # 39; I'll try it, what's the dirt & # 39; So I spent 7 years in their military. program. and we used to spy on the Soviet Union. Spy on Chinese, Hezbollah, Narco in Caribbean: spy on Chinese whether they or those who once considered a threat. "

I did a simple test with Smith. A week before the meeting, I was visiting San Diego's Balba Park and filming around the area, in particular at the Apollo Spaceship Museum. The arrows I left with shots in the room adjacent to the hotel. I asked Smith if he could & # 39; see & # 39; movie videos.

Smith is proud to adhere to the best methodology. Before he began the session, he meditated for the first time.

Smith. "First I will describe the basic sensory impressions: its red, its spongy, its shiny, its rounded, hollow or airy."

He told me that he teaches remote viewing because it is in demand and as a means of earning a living for his family. He added: "But more to the extent that I think remote viewing tells us much about human nature."

Remote viewing requires a monitor. So Paul asked one of his disciples to help him focus and prevent him from thinking or analyzing much. That is, the left brain does all the analysis, but for the remote viewer, the left brain has to be closed down so that someone (the monitor) has to perform the functions of an adult.

I asked him. "So you & amp;

Smith. "Actually, the more you really think about it, the more problems you have. Remote control viewing is easy to learn, but it takes a lot of work to get it right. I would say that I target significantly more often than I do. I usually say about 70% of the time I think it's right. ”

Smith explained how to write your name and date on a piece of paper first. "Remote viewing crosses the boundaries of space and time, so we need to lock where you are in order for your subconscious mind to know where you start."

Three minutes after thinking about it, Paul began the remote viewing session. Could he & # 39; see & # 39; what's on my video tape?

Smith said: "In the Southern California, I see educational angles, it reminds me of having kids in the pool. Road, California's fascinating coastline. "

Really now, when I think about it: Balboa Park is next to the highway. There is a pond.

Paul seemed to describe the whole area, not just the air museum I visited. There is a training center. This was pretty incredible.

Smith continued. "Brown, black, metallic … I like this place. I would like to go there myself. People are excited here. It reminds me of a state fair or something like that …. Break it … "Space Capsule".

The session ended about half an hour later. How many words is there in the English dictionary? 171.476: So, from 1 to 171,476, there is a chance that Paul will use the word "space capsule". Or was he reading my mind? Although that would be a miracle in itself. I left the San Diego Air Museum brochure in my hotel room and brought it.

Smith. I'm impressed with that. ”

I asked him if he didn't really read it.

Smith. "I don't think so, but who knows? There is no way to know here. Maybe we are all getting information from the same source, or we are just trading the information up front. ”

I soon learned that mind reading or telecommunications usually don't happen to strangers.

Get rid of your unwanted garbage and scrap by removing and moving your garbage

If you have an old garbage dump and scrap metal lying around that you love to get rid of, then why not hire specialists to take care of your garbage disposal and unloading needs? You can find garbage disposal services for all types of needs, including your personal needs and the needs of your business.

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Social Trends: Reflecting movements in the consciousness

Back in 1996, when the Internet became the subject of new discussion among everyday people, I lived in the Kuyamacha Mountains in San Diego State Park. A friend and I were discussing this new phenomenon, and I was pretty rude. When my friend said: "Kath, it's all about consciousness," I immediately realized the value of the Internet.

"Well, yeah," I thought, "go through your mind, without facial expressions, to perceive or perceive, or make judgments about the mind."

Within months I got my first notebook and went online. I haven't had asylum. In fact, the Internet and all technology are two things that I constantly list in my daily practice of "evaluating".

I remember living on a farm in Montana, and I wish there was a way to live in that beautiful place and be in business. Well, voila! Ask and it is given.

Recently there has been the emergence of social networking sites. I must admit that I have walked this one foot for a long time (in technology-life). Initially, the only website to watch was My Space, which the kids seemed to immediately get. Being a pretty private person, I just couldn't imagine my "profile" let alone my thoughts being there for the whole world to read, edit and pass on. Then Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter quickly followed their debut with others. I owe it to my friends who made me wonder in the 21st century.

I have spent a great deal of time reading and researching these media outlets, for the most part I am skeptical, shy, and private. Most often I have come across social networking sites to grow a business, and this is where I get huge suspicion. Where the money is motivated, I usually pause before looking at the possible rocky crust.

My first access to the social site was Linked-In. A friend invited me, so I joined. My reservations were: How long it takes and just posting the facts of my business online does not capture who I am. However, I scratched my toe in this strange water. It turns out it doesn't take a whole lot of time, but the most amazing thing happened, people I didn't know, I didn't know they started asking me to contact them. At the same time, on another site on the network, I was receiving memos to "suggest" people. My response was to answer them. "I would very much like to advise you, but in reality my policy is that I know you. Please feel free to contact me and let me get to know each other first." As you can imagine, no one was able to call me at the time. I thought it was a numbers game. completely sincere and not real. I can say that I continue to follow this policy quickly on this site.

At the same time, I joined Facebook and Twitter once again thanks to friends. Initially, I had a very cursed profile and never spent any time actively working with them. Then the Universe sent me another angel explaining to the crowd, I. This angel said: "Kat, these are the places where you can really get to know people, and they get to know you." My first friend & # 39; such a statement of consciousness. With this cosmic upside down head to head, I began to understand …

Prospect is a wonderful thing. When you can stay away from something, you start to see the bigger picture and what's really going on. So I stood on my own ladder and started looking at the picture on the social network, and here's what I see.

The most obvious thing I see is that people need to connect and communicate with each other. To put it mildly, I love that people reject television and advertising that tell you how to think about a topic that "they" want you to think about. Sometimes I get a chance to see commercial television, like when I'm in the gym & nbsp; I look at what the propaganda is doing in public. Here's this disease (plant the seed), and when you get it, ask your doctor about this drug (straighten the lemon). Arg. One day I saw a promotional article about high fructose corn syrup and why it's better for you. Double order. So when I heard a prediction that TV viewing in 2009 would decrease by up to 15% in favor of social media, I began to smile. It is not often that people come my way and stop watching television.

Second, I can see from a larger perspective that this is a tangible response to the distant distances that corporations, companies, and others have created over the last few years on a telephone tree. You can talk to a real person, and if you get someone, they probably don't know how to help you, only to have the inspiration and desire to really listen to you. We have been missing Real Madrid for a very long time. Don't you believe me? Try talking to someone about your mortgage loan or your insurance needs. They are robots and automatons who could care less. So here & # 39; In the social network, within seconds, you can post your answer about what you do. Looking for a bank that provides personal services? Your followers can mix and guide you in their personal experience. Look for the latest natural cancer treatment on Twitter and see how many hearts help you.

This is again a people-to-people interaction that is again intertwined for the world era. How much is it COOL? We are not obliged to sit down with the response that a banker or insurance agent or doctor has given us and swallow that if it does not feel right, we can go to our "extended, extended, extended family" and reach more space and time and better.

Third, we are completely transparent to the world. This is a good thing. One of the key issues that has brought us to such a persecuted state as a nation is the notion of a "hidden agenda". We hear explicit words and have failed to hear the rotating message. Can you tell why this is different? It is very difficult to be artificial in the course of time. You may want to hide some aspects of what you say, but when you are on Twitter or chatting with others on Facebook, eventually your true colors will shine through both what you say and what you say. or the nature of the friends and followers you gather. All of this is governed by the universal law of attraction, and you can fake it here. So, in a very subtle way, the explosion of social sites is also a return to our desire for greatness.

Ultimately, it is who we really are and our contribution to the world. We see and hear. We need to showcase our peculiarity and offer it to a mix of the world's great soups, which is all we've come to do… play with everyone.

Even if we use it to market our business, gizmo, widget, or service, we typically show the world our very essence by offering what we say we could do before we get here. But one thing is certain that we do communicate with the person, the Spirit, the Spirit once again. Everything in it.

Dental implants may be available

For many years I have only been doing nude essentials to preserve my teeth. Of course, I brush daily and brush my teeth at least once a year, but dental work is expensive. Even cleaning can cost $ 200. Like many people in Canada and the US, I do not have dental insurance. Even people I know who have dental insurance need procedures that are too expensive for them to pay for after the insurance coverage.

Over the years, I had lost two back teeth that I needed to replace, and I had a broken tooth at the back of my mouth that needed a crown. This work cost me thousands, especially since I was thinking about missing tooth implants. I kept postponing it until one day, because of a minor accident, one of my front teeth was broken. A visit to the dentist, then to the specialist who did the implants, left me with a $ 20,000 bill to do all my dental work.

Since it was not in doubt, I began to explore alternatives online. After searching for a few days and talking to people who I personally knew who were abroad for dental work, I finally decided to go to Tijuana, Mexico.

Since the implant procedure takes two visits in two months, I had to find a destination that was not expensive to fly twice. My husband was also coming for some minor procedures, so now the cost of the flights would be even higher.

I live in Vancouver, Canada, and can travel within one hour to the Bellingham Washington Airport. From there I can fly to San Diego for 2 hours and 15 minutes for under $ 100. In Tijuana, I found a dentist who would take us to our office in Tijuana. We stayed in a very nice hotel in Tijuana, or it's easy to get back to the border and stay in the US. The dentist has a car and safes that brought us back and forth from the hotel and the border. I felt very safe.

Three months later I returned to Tijuana and finished my dental work. As it turned out, I had 4 implants, 2 extractions, 7 crowns, a root canal, cleaning and bleaching, and my total bill was $ 5,500. I'm very pleased.

The dentist was very professional and personable. His office was very clean and modern with the latest equipment. Everyone in his office spoke very good English. I felt safe and secure with her abilities and it was a very easy and enjoyable trip. Anyone could do it.

Secure healthy travel to the Tulsa and Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

The last 12 months of media coverage of Mexico will make many people believe that Mexico will be a risky place to visit because of the recent H1N1 (swine flu) and drug trafficking and shooting stories that have focused mainly on a number of US border cities. . Regional events, unfortunately, had a negative impact on the local tourism economy in the half-country territory of the Yucatan Peninsula.

A fair (or unfair) comparison can be made if the LA Riots erupted after Rodney King's conviction in the United States in 1991 if people around the world perceived: "Don't go to the United States, there are streets and places where violence and robbery are burning." That week, I certainly wouldn't visit South Central Los Angeles, but it's not going to cancel my trip to San Diego.

As a lifelong resident of Colorado who has been a full-time resident for about two years in Cancun south of Cancun, I can say that this is a great place to live and visit. I have never felt "insecure" about myself, my family members or friends who have visited on many occasions. As for influenza here, the virus is not doing well in hot climates, and here, in the mid-80s, the average temperature here is a much safer place than most northerners.

Why visit this amazing place? The biggest reason is that it is a truly beautiful and magical place that is rapidly changing. We can only hope that what we love about this place will remain, as the years to come bring about inevitable changes that almost always bring about paradise. It's a little sad to have such comprehensive sites knowing that the spread will change the place. So forgive me the beautiful places in the world to share a little about a place called Paradise in Tull.

For those of you who have been to Tulsa, Mexico, the mere remembrance of this place will surely mean fond memories of lazy beach days and varied shades of turquoise blue waters. Tulum's beaches and warm blue water are truly wonderful, but there is much more to this place than just breathtaking beauty.

Tulum has boarding schools and "Eco Chic" cabana resorts such as Ocho Tulum, Playa Azul and OM Tulum, small Mayan and Mexican Yucatan hotels and resorts. Try Blue Tulum Hotel and Spa for the ultimate in luxury. Tulum is a scuba diving adventure in the Caribbean Mountains and the underground, exploring the world's largest underground river system that gathers in the cab sources known as cenotaphs. Tullum is an algae dwelling with deep-sea fishing, green lagoons and growing yoga in Mecca; It is mainly green and natural, protected by the low 1.3 million hectares of wetland protected by Sian Kaan.

It's an international melting pot where you can hear six languages ​​every day, just as you walk down the street. Tulum is also growing a notorious reputation for a variety of fine restaurants serving local and international fare in Paradise. Find all sorts of traditional Mayan and Mexican dishes, but you'll also find many Italian, French, German, Thai, sushi and more.

Tulum is a short walk away from all the other things to relax and relax in Yucatan, though perhaps not as much for adventure activities like golf, world-class shopping and nightclubs as it is about 30 minutes to Pia del Carmen.

Yes, Tulum is a unique and wonderful way to spend that adventure vacation. It does a little bit of everything you want in a tropical destination vacation. For me, it's an adventure and getting out of it, and for others, never leaving the beach or shopping or golfing for a day or a week.

People should know that Tulum and the rest of Yucatan are a great vacation spot that is safe for both adventurous and milder sun seekers. See you in Tulum.