Spooky Surrey


There are many well known stories set in the County of England. Here are just a few of them.

  1. In the wealthy Virginia Water village, located just a few miles west of Addlestone, there is a hall called Wheatsheaf, which overlooks a large lake named after the village. Wheatsheaf says it collapsed with a famous 1950s character ghost called ‘Johnny the Gent’, who shot himself dead in the 23rd floor. Another friend who shattered the hotel was that in the 1930s massacre, an old flu barrister who lived in a hotel at the time on a business trip. The actor had an amazing photo of his friend being thrown into a bar by an Indian client. The salesman was later shocked to find, upon returning home, a telegram informs him that his friend had been stabbed and killed by an Indian customer, as seen by him.

  2. The Farnham Library (formerly Vernon House) is the oldest building that is said to have been associated with the grandson of King Charles I, who lived there in 1649.

  3. Clandon House, located in Clandon Park near West Clandon, has a phantom-like woman clutching a knife. The ghostly brother, portrayed by a group of twenty in 1896, also wept loudly. The group realized the ghost belonged to Lady Elizabeth Onslow, the unmarried daughter who died years ago. Lady Elizabeth is said to be suffering from insanity problems, which could be caused by the trauma her spirit exhibited in the group.

  4. The Grotto Pub in Weybridge has experienced a number of events over the years. Two front figures have been seen on a regular basis: all children, male and female. Witnesses describe these spirits as happy and harmless, playing games that drive one another, as many children do. It is also said to have worn old clothes, dating back to the 19th century.

  5. The Tudor Lounge restaurant in Guildford, an unknown spirit often appears. It’s a woman about 60, short in height, 5ft tall or so. This sight is often seen standing next to the first floor window, looking out into the main street, as if looking at someone and waiting.

  6. The famous Claremont building, located at the end of Portsmouth Road southwest of Esher, has the spirit of having an elderly gentleman wearing a black backdrop (reminiscent of Dracula). This phantom is often seen near the lake, and is said to be owned by the famous architect William Kent, who hired the Clare family to renovate the site with the intention of making the island and the sea make his products more popular.

Why you have it: some of Surrey’s most celebrated places that, if you’re looking for ghosts, you might want to know.