A look at the Bridge of the Spies


Approaching the crescendo of the Cold War, two world powers exchanged two spies on a bridge in Berlin separating East and West. The date was February 10, 1962. The weather had recently turned to snow, symbolizing a temporary conflict between the US and the Soviet Union that would allow them to do so before the nuclear collapse. the arms race.

At the time, according to author Giles Whittell, the two enemies had the ICBM’s 10 nuclear weapons capitals. Before the Cold War ends in his late thirties, he will have thousands of people. It seems that Eisenhower’s warning about military / industrial forces was being ignored. It is the longest period in which “Bridge of Spies” describes how we see the battlefields unfortunately unfulfilled. It was beaten in the shadows. Giles expertly reduces layers of onions to control fear in both directions.

Enter on the left, William Fisher, a curious spy from Russia. From Germany, he entered Canada via the freight room in Quebec City under the guise of numerous names. The day is November, 1948. The Soviets have come a long way in the technological world, since the days of Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project, they’ve been spying on whites for playing. Fisher’s job is to write and establish a spy agency in the U.S. since the last group of Russian spies have been found and controlled (Klaus Fuchs and Rosenbergs). William Fisher is a cool head spy. He is particularly concerned with launching himself into hiding and securing the cover everywhere. They do not count for a few years. It seems he is free to stock up on art as a New York-based artist, having retired after making oodles for the final picture work. The author says that since no one made more than half the oodles at the completion of the picture, its cover should have been skeptical at first glance.

This reminds me of two Nazi spies who sailed into Gaspé, Québec during WWII. It lasted about 15 minutes. They rented a small hotel in the middle of nowhere without asking for a room. Paying some old money, he went to the room to rest. The desk clerk could not guess from where the two “travelers” had arrived. Did they really pack their suitcases from the next village as they say, since they got on their way and got diesel-filled fuel? He immediately called for the Mounties. William Fisher may have had to look the same as his neighbors who read to him and the controversial stories of the past, but they are able to delude themselves into the things that people do for themselves: a man who does nothing makes them more attractive. No matter that he was obviously a liar on many of his controversial issues, he came across the hail and shared their interest. His only American alliance that he cultivated on the waterless land was Reino Hayhanen, who had been a nightmare for the Wets family if there had been a resurrection during Prohibition negotiations.

Enter the castle, Francis Gary Powers, a young Air Force pilot who is reached by the CIA to shoot down Soviet aircraft carrier positions. In the meantime, the US has Strategic Bomber Command, a major bomber that is usually ready to fly to the North Pole to deliver a nuclear bomb on Russian targets. Russia will soon match its nuclear bomb and leapfrog technology with fighter-equipped missiles that can cross the continent within minutes. America is in danger and needs to know how many missiles the Soviets have and where they are. U.S. has designed the aircraft, the U2, which can fly 70,000 miles, beyond the ability of Russian fighters to launch. They need the best pilots in the country to cross over long distances at high altitude, to take pictures of launching missiles. For various reasons, it is useless to ask the CIA to form a spy agency in the Soviet Union. This is the only access method open to them, and perhaps the most reliable.

The force, coming from a very small state in Virginia, is given an astounding 30,000 dollars to fly to the CIA. Anyone who knows the U.S. will acknowledge the attractiveness of many American victims. Nowadays the equivalent of half a million dollars a year. His work is informative. Any entry into a fighter aircraft must have the approval of the President, so there are limited flights to Russia. The real enemy is furious with the shift of sentimental attitude towards women who cannot accompany them to airports in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

Someone important in this game is so dumb – just U2. Whittell has outlined in detail the size of the aircraft needed to fly over Russian vehicles. It is true that readers need basic flying knowledge but the authors open the door to sell school readers. He tells us why the plane was good at flying, why U2 had less power in the air, why the engine had to be so powerful to keep it from flying at one point, why the space between running and running at these altitudes required airlines to carry passenger aircraft. people, which is why a pilot who is on a thousand miles of land should not survive. By far the parachute is long and the human body, trampled by a powerful pressure suit, is expected to explode due to the expansion of the blood and blood vessels. During the test, the exposed skin was not captured by the test suite as the plane went too high. Just imagine a skyman without his suit walking in outer space. The result is immediately purple poopnado. It’s possible that U2 pilots couldn’t see the pictures like this, but it’s possible they forced them, allowing their subconscious mind to create a seemingly lifelong fear, perhaps because of the many deaths of travelers.

The costume that this drama takes place is also designed to be perfect. Giles in many ways tells us about two powerful and big fighters who try to lure one another with vivid visuals of electric explosions, a warning of the power of 100 megaton mushroom clouds and the dangers of an open war between two giant giants. Whittell takes up that wonderful idea necessary to understand the folly of humanity and how close we are to the mad rush. Having input from Sergei Khrushchev, son of the Secretary-General, is helpful. Being 50 years old feels the same.

In this work we see a modern political system: the Soviet Union led by humanitarian engineers who willingly devote thousands of people to the Gulags to make it human nature to accept the idea of ​​self-sacrifice in the best of the State. Imagine, if you were, a salesman overseeing this manly and wise Russian attempt at Donald Trump, suggesting that he take his shoes off the United Nations and stand it on the table as a major talking power. The farm leader says the Soviet Union is developing ICBMs like sausages and will bury the U.S.A. See map of the Soviet Union. You can fit three complete United States in its area. Confirming or criticizing the Soviet Union has created an environment in which it wants to destroy the U.S. in the short term it can be a daunting task, which is why a cruel Khrushchev should be considered as his voice. Hence the importance of aircraft.

The other side is basically a group led by the winners of the lottery in the great fight for individual rights. Their leader, John F. Kennedy was one of the best, most ethical. John F. Kennedy jokes that his father directly asked him how many votes he needed to win the 1960 election since he was too cheap to pay for the breakup. It doesn’t matter that the American proletariat all wants to play a game and lose the odds to become a bourgeoisie. For good economic visibility, the freedom to choose to jump or not to jump on a fitness tracker is paramount. It is a right even for the needy like Gary Powers to prevent death, even if it means the destruction of the world. America is the most prosperous after World War II, and ordinary citizens are much better off due to the free flow of resources and the credit system. He would defend this even if it meant that before the nuclear war.

Ironically, it takes the greatest communist power in the world to prove fifty years later that the economic system sometimes works well. At the time, the U.S. system was losing its global influence. It looks hopeless to those who come for free; China, Cuba, Greece, North Korea, Indochina, Malaysia, almost all of Eastern Europe, and many more succumbed to communism; consequently the need for sufficient quantification of ICBMs. The Cold War was, in fact, a powerful nuclear weapons box ready to burn.

Fisher, a Soviet spy, is arrested, sentenced and sent to prison in Atlanta. Authorities, which have blamed Russia, have also been arrested. ‘Bridge of Spies’ tells the details and history of their exchange in Berlin shortly after the Iron Curtain.

I’m going to let author Giles Whittell get it out of here because he could have done a much better job than I could have done. Whittell writes with the skill of a regular journalist, building several strands together over time to create a solid and important narrative from the media. In my mind, the work was well-researched, made up of the history of many players, as the men of the select area who brought Powers’ U2 1500 miles inside the Soviet airpace. Finding familiar identities over the past few decades has been a Herculean experience even for the best writer. I recommend my hat to his superb art in making the past.

Now that I have focused your attention on the topic and skill of the author I should give it a glimpse. Napoleon was a real mistake about England; it is not confined to shopkeepers. It may seem to be based on two types – highly skilled engineers or educated professionals. As with many English writers of English fiction, Giles is a member of the first group with the ultimate goal. If I say that the writer is a student, then the kiss of death in his work to the point of reading the thrill. Equipment comes very close a few times, crosses the line for a while and then jumps back to make the task fun and moving along.

There is a test among the educated students as they gain a higher knowledge and a deeper understanding. One of these misconceptions is making statements such as – “” Here I was in Swaziland, facing thousands of brutal terrorist attacks, but it’s the future. Let me first tell you about my foolish childhood and what led me to join the Queen’s Own Rifles rifle as their first doctor helper. ”Giles does this with his opening head, introducing the smallest person on the block, who is not quickly forgotten. She describes him at the end, two hundred and sixty pages, but my memory cannot place him.

Another thing that school students tend to do is waste their work with a lot of authentic content, introducing it to the readers in charge. In a few pages it is clear that Giles is English and from the same high school, all without reading a book jacket. Giles has a tendency to elevate his reputation to readers through word-of-mouth and art, which the wise men he has given him received a diploma. The reason a writer would make this at risk of ruining their careers is beyond me. His assertion as a professional journalist and editor probably piqued his readers’ attention, preventing them from talking about another flaw that most upset readers of the fast-moving drama. They often refer or point to someone or something at the end of a small part that is too distracting to reread to understand. For example, they might first talk about an airplane that can fly over 70,000 feet, then negotiate the program to create the airplane they say, and finally its flight path. I do not know how many times I have read this passage to find out what its meaning is. One last thing I found difficult was starting a group of hopeless people. We are introduced to Beerlis, Donovans, Drozdovs, Meehans, Silvermans, Sudoplatovs, Von Broekers, et al that their meaning becomes a distant memory. Since Giles created a list of snapshots in the introduction, he considers it unnecessary to manage your memory with a gentle reminder. Forget who he is? Go look, there. The title of the singles themselves as ‘Dramatis Personae’ would have been a clue to his high-tech ideas, but I regret it. My, all in all I have given you a B to combine your work, but if you would like to receive a bigger part in your next project I hope your best followers in the future, guys.

All the beauty aside, ‘Bridge of Spies’ is not just a good read, it is necessary to understand who we are and, importantly, an accurate history of the days when nuclear weapons were a real opportunity for people of my generation. I remember the days when the helicopters were on airports in rural areas as well as flying high school to kneel and lay down on desks. If I remember anything about my childhood, I would have to prepare for it and disappear by about eight years. Giles Whittell does an excellent job of restoring that moment.