Dog Walking on Mount Sander Camber – For Weekly or Weekly Friendly Vacation


Why not make the perfect for your summer vacation or long weekend vacation and take yourself and your “best friend” to Camber Sands.

It is great for the dog and many of the storage facilities and shelters in the area are its main way of repairing batteries.

The most popular place to take your pet on the sand of Camber is west of the beach and the best place to park is when you reach Camber from the end of the Rye and Rye Golf Course.

If you have a “Sat-Nav” that comes in the TN31 7RB number it will go to a dog training center or dog walk center.

The vehicles currently available (2012) at the District Council car park are as follows: 8: 30-18: 00 –

£ 1.50 / hour

4,00 / 2 hours

£ 7.00 / 4 hours

£ 9,00 / 6 hours

£ 11.00 / 8 hours

£ 13.00 / higher

The parking lot is open until 8pm … but when it’s closed … you don’t go out!

I have many dog ​​buckets and working toilets are just expensive … and remember DO use the barn and Please choose your dogs!

In the summer, at the end of the week, expect that others will be able to get into Camber when the long drive into the car parks near the coast. The busiest times are 10:00 … when you arrive before there is a lot of talk.

If you are traveling to Camber during the summer (end of September), the Rother Council has set up beach sections where you are allowed to walk your dog. After the water breaks, these areas are miles apart and even in full waves there is plenty of room as the sandy mountains go inland at least 500 degrees and the coast looks west for less than a mile.

Once the ‘dog’ recommendation has been set up all dogs should be prioritized. This was brutally rubbed off (for about six weeks) by dog ​​guards (or should I say – most of the summer it leaves college students with spots). However, this seems to be relaxing and as long as travelers are smart and in designated areas then you should have no problem.

The direction you can take is West and if the tide does not start at the end of the coast (entrance to Rye Port), turn the road directly to the Port Masters office. You can return to the parking lot on the official route through the Rye Golf Course. Dog ropes are limited in this area so take lots of bags with you!

About four miles round trip … beware of golf balls and your dog will guide!

Along with Camber’s most scenic dog trails, Rye and Rye Bay have more to offer than a beautiful sandy beach and we recommend taking a long drive to visit the historic Rye, or Rye Harbor located in Rye Harbor Nature Reserve with coastal access and limited access. The nature reserve also has dog fencing.

If you have a nightstand, there are plenty of PET FRIENDLY locations in the area that give you a chance to visit … then what are you waiting for … Camber Sands and the Rye Bay area!