Wednesday World America by Arianna Huffington, Current Book – Middle Class USA Economic Meltdown


Arianna Huffington, founder and managing director of The Huffington Post, the fifth best-known Internet blogger, describes the middle class. His new book is titled, “Third World America: How Our Politics Run to the Middle Class and Deliver the American Dream.” Read her opinion to see if you agree.

Third World America he gives five sections, while Chapter One explains the title of the book. It contains articles and statistics that show the decline of the American middle class. How do you define “middle class?” It also changes the meaning of Huffington. “If you consider yourself pregnant, you and middle class. “

Areas that are losing the factory, destroying the education system and the building damage, are more effective; such as unemployment, while 1 in 6 Americans are out of work or unemployed. Meet Dean B., 35, was laid off from IT in February 2009 and unemployed. Kimberly B. sold her wedding ring on Craigslist to raise money for her family.

Huffington also explores the difficulties faced by middle-class students, citing fear as a major factor. 40% (k) s, pension deficits, forecasts, and future plans for the fall of Social Security; feed the anxiety. Many now believe that mid-level performance is a chance for a scanner, as opposed to a prize on a race ticket.

An American investigation is underway, Huffington declared, inadequate for the federal budget reform and the government. Highways, power outages, riverbanks, railways, and bridges, are all minor injuries. Some water pipes, which were installed during the Civil War, are working hard.

Think of August 2007, when a 35W steel bridge crossing the Mississippi River, downtown Minneapolis collapsed; killing 13 people and injuring 145. The patchwork revision proved insufficient.

The national education system is accessible, where the US ranks 25th in math and twenty-one in science among thirty countries; as written by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development. In 2009, the introduction of American machinery became the 15th most developed country.

Central American inflation has been in the making for decades. In the late 1980’s, technological breakthroughs, job losses, and the loss of manufacturing jobs created a middle-class economy that was expensive.

Ronald Regan’s decision to expand the beliefs of free markets: a small government intervention can determine the winners and the losers in public. Regan also introduced a period of great divisions between the rich American and the middle class; which is still going on today.

Huffington says the free-use market is corrupt and corrupt. Testify against the bank by the 2008 Wall Wall.

American politics is broken, as strong conservatives and American companies control Washington. In 2010, three examples of failing to operate due to record companies, were the explosion at the Upper Branch mine in West Virginia; the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; and the collapsing financial system, including Goldman Sachs’ fraud charges. The voice of the middle class is what is heard in the rooms of the Capitol.

Huffington writes animation videos to make his point. Describing popular tourism, he says, “And just like a huge swamp that turns houses into sawdust, money lovers and greedy people are making food from the standpoint of our democracy.”

Each chapter concludes with a history of the average American who did well, who is now suffering. Their articles provide valuable information for the twenty-first year, including “Stability is gone, so you better do what you love!”

Third World America’s the title is a supplement, Huffington acknowledges, which is used to emphasize the future of our country, without much change. He concludes with the hope, that our Third World births “do nothing.”

Americans are known for having a positive, forward-thinking mindset with actionable ideas. Stopping a Third World nation is not easy. It will take effort and effort from both the public and private sectors to take responsibility. Now, more than ever, we need to have the best leadership available to us: ourselves. We will still need the raw power that only central governments can use.

Finally, change takes place both in the individual and private business. Today it is up to us to help each other. They recommend breaking up with your central bank. The judges took the state certificate, offering themselves bonuses; yet he has no sympathy for the American people who are watching. Work with local banks and lending agencies. The best way to deal with depression is to take action; and courage is the key to a successful life in the twenty-first century.

Huffington observes Robert B. Reich’s message, quoted in his release book immediately, Aftershock: OthersAmerica’s Economy and the Future. Reich, the former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, agrees Third World America.

A single book, with one word. While some might object to Huffington’s ideas, Third World America is a thought-provoking concept on the future and future of the nation.

To stay updated on Huffington’s Third World America idea, visit, America/



Former Westtttat seller “Madame mustache”


Eleanore Dumont, known as “Madame Mustache within the limits of gambling, he was certainly one of the most well-known of the era. As a young petticoat dealer, he became a “successful star” of twenty-one gypsy gaming tours throughout the West.

There is controversy in Dumont’s birthplace; some are said to have been a French-born immigrant named Simone Jules while others are said to have been born in New Orleans around 1829. What is known is that a lady of Madame Simone Jules rolled into the Bella Florida Saloon and Juga Hall in the spring of 1850, took over the dining table, and made a great impression. Forty-nine men, thirsting for the sight of a handsome woman were captivated by a French girl with a handsome alabaster skin, blinking black eyes, a lively smile, and the long dark complexions that had befallen her. Within days the men were standing up to lose their gold dust to the mademoiselle which when closely watched showed a thin line of hair on her upper lip.

Bella’s match was packed night and day with players eager to see or play against the mysterious Madame Jules. Not to mention that other gambling houses are replacing French women in their wheelchairs. For the next few years, businessmen or businessmen became the leading figure in many gambling games in Portsmouth Square. Then, suddenly, when she appeared Madame Jules disappeared from the scene and her name was not even mentioned in the press or newspapers.

A few years later in 1854, the band marched through the dusty streets of Nevada City, California, and a handsome young lady came out. Dressed in elegant Parisian costumes and jewelery, the whole city was earmarked for a French-haired woman who came down from the students. She was slender and handsome, with blinding eyes, curly blonde hair, and a little bit of a little bit of hair. He also said that the mother of Madame Eleanore Dumont and that she had given no details about her ex-wife – an unknown woman.

Satisfied with her transformation into Madame Dumont the gamblers rented a space in the center of town and put up a plaque to have her name established, “Vingt-Et-Un” (French for “twenty-one”). Citizens throughout the town received a call to visit Broad Street and enjoy a game with Madame Dumont. Although there were many gambling centers in Nevada City, Vingt-Et-Un was the unofficial queen of gaming. Twenty-one was Dumont’s chosen game and he was an expert on the game, kindly showing that he regretted how he celebrated his achievements. When she closes her table, she tells her bottles of champagne to treat the losers, leading many miners to say that they “lose more luck to Madame than to win from somebody.”

Workers and townspeople flocked to the inaugural venue, attracted by the extravagant attraction of money and a ticket by a French showman. The decoration was strongly influenced, customers could not make noise or use abusive words; Ironically, a difficult group of miners found it impossible to respectfully deny the victim’s identity. Soon after, he transferred his surgery to larger areas where he added faro, chuck-luck, dining tables, and retail staff. He called his new gambling hall at Dumont Palace and hired a Nevada City man named Dave Tobin to become his associate manager.

And over the next two years, the money was sold daily, so that Tobin, who had moved to Dumont for the National Hotel, wanted to run the operation. In his efforts to relocate Dumont was furious – the fact that he shared the bed did not make him an outfit manager. He gave her hope; if he didn’t like the arrangement “get the hell out.” He did not like the settlement so after the final settlement he left Nevada City and returned east.

When gold in Nevada City finally dried up, Eleanore sold her work and started visiting other mining camps in northern California. He opened his theater in the cities of the Yuba River in Bullard’s Bar, Downieville, and Sierra City; then moved to the mining camps along the Feather River and later to Klamath. In 1857 he operated a twenty-one hotel in the George Hotel at the City Hotel in Columbia for over a year before moving to Virginia City where he oversaw the stadium claiming more than $ 30,000 worth of property. During the California mining camps where he added “extra” to his table work – visiting his boudoir that demanded “room.”

Dumont set out to fight for gold in Idaho and Montana in the early 1860s and by the end of his tour, he was approaching his 30th birthday. Years passed have not been pleasant to him; the long night of cards and fouls began to fade, and his once-familiar form gradually faded. She looks tired and devastated, she lost her glass cup and in what was just a few years the faintest sensations on her upper lip, began to darken – giving her excitement– Madame mustache.

At Bannack, he joined a man named McHarney in a two-door saloon with high-pitched bumps for the dense teenage girls who use the saloon below. He underwent surgery and was only a short time away before his friend was shot in a gun battle with a gambler named MacFarlane. What to do? He never lost a beat to Dumont when the bloody corpse was dragged, fresh sawdust scattered on the ground, and the saloon reacted as if nothing had happened. He then knelt down to jail to hand over a thousand signatures of MacFarlane, who less than an hour after killing agreed to be his new friend. Yes sir, the Frenchman did not miss the opportunity to give it a chance.

Out of Bannack, Dumont headed to Fort Benton, a landmark and gold-mining area of ​​Montana. Here he rehearsed how he had already done what it was like to have a visual, visual effect and bet. However, his lust departed from his old fashioned design while the beauty and decoration was great. It reduced him to overwork. Steamboat operator Louis Rosche described the Dumont gambling saloon:

“The inside of the building looked worse than the outside. The shops and game rooms were lined up in one large basement. The closest stairs went up to the second floor where I saw the doors reach about a dozen small rooms.

Dumont went somewhere to the point where he thought it was time to retire from gambling so he bought a cattle ranch in California and for a short time tried to keep up the good work. Quickly realizing that he did not know how to run a farm he was replaced by a well-spoken man named Jack McK Night who claims to be a cattle buyer. Well-dressed and well-dressed, McK Night promised her that they could take care of everything and they tied the knot. With the ink drying at the climax of their wedding McK Night did this – they took everything they had and left.

Being forced to return to the only thing he knows how to make Dumont strike in the mining camps and eventually came to Deadwood in the fall of 1876. He performed twenty-one in various locations and was seen by John F. Finship, a journalist Chicago Time. In another article, he wrote: “He had a face in front, which was difficult to prove he was cruel. His eyes glowed like a mouse and he dug gold dust or chips in his hands with long white fingers. let him come. ”

Declining to become a dealer in the gambling industry, Dumont finally entered Bodie, California, in 1879. By then, he was drinking heavily and making it difficult for him to compete with the professional players of the Twenty-One Table. On the night of September 7, at the Magnolia saloon, he borrowed $ 300 from a bank his table against two signatures. Try as he might not be; he was 49 years old, penniles, respectable and brainwashed, and in the process of converting the last card he had no luck. Finding all the honor he could change he pushed his chair back down and stood up, “Honors, this game is for you.”

The next morning she was found dead lying next to an empty bottle of morphine. Among the details found on his body is the letter he wrote. The letter, along with a response to the letter, said that he was “tired of life.” The Sacramento Union said: “Bodie: September 8. A woman named Eleanore Dumont was found dead about a mile from the city, after she committed suicide. She is known in the minerals’ camps.”



Moore’s Bricks and Sea Bags, Trace of Vintage Virginia Finish


It’s summer time in World War II Virginia and livin ‘is easy – and hot as fire.

Where are you going to escape the heat?

Moore’s Lake!

The most famous swimming pool in the U.S. Route One between Richmond and Petersburg, is the most efficient escape point for the prevention of humidity and the change of dog days west of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It was a mecca for locals who wanted a few happy hours and a vacation spot for guests from all over the world. The teens were drawn to its vast beach, sand, water-splitting, where struggling girls gathered to watch the boys, and a nearby dance hall that filled the evening air with Big Band music. Everyone who goes into the bathroom receives a split pin, and then uses it to take out their clothes after the shower. Nowadays, brass studs are taken care of by many seniors who wear them as lapel decorations.

Tommy Crump, whose parents bought the lake and surrounding houses in charge of several years working for R.D. Moore, a former owner, remembers that hundreds of families from as far away as North Carolina returned each year. Young people driving from north to Florida soon realized it was the right place to go and come. For locals, Lake Moore is a place to be seen. It was inevitable that day and night came and day approached, which led to incredible friendships. Many grew up.

The sturdy brick-and-mortar buildings built by Moore in 1929 were the perfect experience when George and Lena Crump started the business. Quickly renovated them by adding bathrooms. As anxiety eased and visitors came to enjoy their products and recipes, they rebuilt most of the woods in spices until they were 38. By 1941, they had built a restaurant and their fine brick home on the site.

When World War II broke out and Camp Lee near Petersburg resumed operations (renamed Fort Lee in 1950), some of the detained soldiers brought their families and moved into damaged homes in Moore’s Lake. Several of their wives found work delivering food to busy restaurants three times daily to house guests, neighbors, and security personnel starting their careers at the nearest police station. To provide financial support, the elderly children of the families who lived there helped in the war by making themselves useful as buses, dishwashers, gardeners, and rescuers.

Tommy Crump, now eighty-three, was walking there. She was supervised by a nurse as she drove her bike through the scenic streets to buy a delicious meal from the restaurant’s kitchen that serves visitors to Moore’s Brick Cottages and Moore’s Lake. Growing up in the closet her parents built, she learned to swim in the lake and admire the beauty and unique look of the house. It was only natural that she did not stray, but she chose to stay and raise her own children.

In 1970, he and his wife bought toilets, closer to fuel, and restaurants. Redesigned by Sylvester, the restaurant was to become a popular destination many miles around. Along with a mouthwatering mouthwatering meal that attracted people.

Moore’s Brick Cottages has flourished to the point of building a total of 95 cars located near the 95-car garage and the prestigious Jefferson Davis Highway, thereby enhancing the quality of the work. Thanks to some of the world’s largest roads, families have found an open lane. Since they were not able to go on vacation from their homes, visitors come from Boston to Miami for a short trip to the two-lane highway. As big hotels and hotels were scattered across Interstate to serve long-distance travelers, it was not long before Moore’s Brick Cottages became meaningless. The buildings were moved and those who came in the shower had the opportunity to save people from work. Nowadays the lake is like a nearby swimming pool.

Sylvester’s, however, made some progress. It worked well for a regular local customer until December 2004 when Tommy Crump sold the property to a manufacturer. Office warehouses and retail businesses that have been evacuated on the landfill have sent the town to Chester. Tommy watched with bright eyes as all but two of the buildings were damaged and their garbage which he used as a parking lot.

“I feel responsible for saving these last two as part of history,” he says. “I’m saving mine and moving to my property along the James River. I’m hoping that someone – or another small organization – will take the other one and save it for sale.”

Without taking it here, time is running out. Soon only the monuments of eternity will pass through a place still preserved by large, sweet trees awaiting destruction in the name of progress.



Car Accidents and Deals


An auto accident can change your whole life because of the eye. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident without your fault, you should be able to start paying for the injury.

“I hear of people who always risk a car accident because they fail to do something, or do something they shouldn’t,” says Jonathan R. Mani, of Charleston, West Virginia fire accident lawyer, “the best thing to do is to know what to do without having to do a traffic accident. “

The next time you have a car accident is the most important time to know that you have an accident. In the event of an automobile accident, you must:

– Call the Authorities – The police should assist in resolving the problem and have produced a police report on a car accident that will identify the suspects.

– See a Doctor – Accidents usually occur months after the accidents, so it is important to see a doctor right away to see if you have encountered injuries that you do not know.

– Find More – Get information about all drivers, passengers, and witnesses of a car accident. Also, be sure to get the insurance information, VIN number, and license plate number of all vehicles involved in a car accident.

– Take Photos – You should have a camera lost in your car that you can use to take photos of a car accident. You need to take as many pictures as necessary to get a clear picture of what happened.

– Call a Car Accident Attorney – An experienced accident attorney will help you deal with insurance companies and their insurers, talk to other drivers, and will help you identify the injuries you have suffered as a result of a car accident.

There are some things to avoid after a car accident. After a car accident, you should not:

– Admit Errors – Car accidents are confusing and difficult, and do not admit a mistake because after investigating injuries in an automobile accident, it can be proven that you are not at fault. By admitting a mistake, you will not be able to accept the right bribe.

– Leave the Incident – This is not a court case, but even if you are not to blame for a car accident, you will greatly reduce your chances of recovering from the accident.

– Wait – Many people choose to wait for the insurance companies to contact them, or take their time to call an experienced auto accident lawyer. This can have a significant impact on the outcome of your car accident. If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important that you contact a traffic accident lawyer in the near future and sell the ball at your own risk.

– Sign Everything – If you are presented with any paper from your insurance company or other insurance company, make sure you have an experienced accident lawyer before signing anything. Signing fake papers can hinder your recovery from an accident.

If you have been involved in a car accident, one of the most important things you can do to get involved in a car accident is to consult with an experienced auto accident lawyer to help you file your claim and recover the required bribe.



Five Fun Panoramic Vista ATV Rides


There is nothing more exciting that looking at the beauty is so much more in-depth of the wonders of nature than riding a four-passenger car. This allows you to recognize and appreciate the imperfect nature and attractive nature of the trees, forests, lakes and deserts. Riding on your ATV, below are some of the most exciting options in the US for you to explore.

Boulders OHV Road – Arizona

Travel agents and newbie alike enjoy the easy and fun Boulders OHV routes in Arizona. The place will turn you into a Hieroglyphic mountain range that contributes amazingly to the desert. The riders will be satisfied with the 200 meter desert road. The scenic walks that saw the sand and boulders washed out in the desert plains and hit the main roads are some of the best things the resort has to offer.

Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage’s beautiful view of Alaska can be best illuminated when you ride on top of your ATV. Enjoy discovering its hidden wonders and long-range species that thrive in valleys, trees and ancient mining sites. Passing through the area makes you visually impaired by the rushing waves and streams you can stop to catch fish. The beauty of the place is not over yet; her beauty is gone, her mountains. Your trip will complement the Alaskan gemstones of large glaciers that depend on rivers. Keep the memory of your camera up to date with this amazing investment.

Bundy Mount – Michigan

If you are an avid ATV enthusiast, the world of Great Lakes will surprise you with what you enjoyed on the road. Find all roads lined with mud pits, hiking trails, rocky hills or sandy hills in Bundy Hill located south of Jerome, Michigan. Similarly, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a great place to find for those who love the guided route. Your ATV ride will be unmistakable to deal with the spectacular forest of limestone and cedar trees and the spectacular view of the sea.

Hatfield McCoy Trails – West Virginia

Open year-round to experience a survival adventure, Hatfield McCoy Trails in Western West Virginia will provide you with the most memorable route of ATV riding, SXS driving or even a bicycle. Discover the fascinating are the seven long-distance travel destinations where the two conflicting families met. Enjoy one of the world’s largest and climbing trails with seven, including Pinnacle Creek, Little Coal River, Indian Ridge, Rock House, Buffalo Mountain, Bearwallow and the recently added Pocahontas. It is through this attraction that it has accelerated local economic growth. There are amenities in the surrounding area like gas stations, restaurants and hotels to relax after a full day’s tour. This place will not only provide you with a great place for relaxation and enjoyment but also an easy place with a wonderful experience.

Traute Train – Utah

One way to combat the ATV thrill is to visit the Piaute ATV route in the Monroe Mountains, Central Utah. This route has 275 arches in southern Utah. For those looking for a scenic or scenic location, this is a great place to go. Riders will be satisfied and see the beautiful scenery that will guide them through the vast and scenic terrain, the old calderas, the red rods, the drilling grounds and the solid Quaking Aspen. Anyone wishing to get a little more long-distance riding experience would appreciate the Piaute Trail.



Summer Ideas For Sale For Summer – A Fascinating, Limited Place To Visit This Summer


Whether you have children or not, there are always reasons to keep a good summer book. It’s a popular time to go on vacation to many places. Unfortunately, it is also an expensive time to travel, as prices are rising due to demand. If you want to leave for a few days but don’t have a big budget, there’s no need to worry: here are some ideas for summer vacation vacations.
when is the best time to buy airline tickets
Head to Albuquerque

If you are not interested in the temperature of 90+ degrees in summer, New Mexico City is the place to go. Hotel prices throughout the region are good and flights are affordable at various airports across the country. You will not pay for a rental car, because ABQ Ride offers bus services worldwide.
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Spend some time on the Gorge

If you want to avoid the heat and humidity of the Grand Canyon, look for the other side – right here in Appalachia. West Virginia’s summer heat is not going well. The scenery surrounding the New River Gorge is amazing, and there is a lot of fun, low cost. Booking is available for less than $ 100 a night.
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See White Valley

For an exciting international trip, visit Peru. The Sacred Valley area is a cheap alternative to Machu Picchu during the summer. There are hidden gems, including temples and forts. Just take a walk to reach farms, remote villages, and cities.
Be on the Sixth Fiesta

Don’t do Disney World this summer, unless you want to spend a fortune. Instead, head to San Antonio where you will find cheap summer packs and go back and forth between Six Flags and White Water Bay Water Park. Both parks are included in the admission price. You can get great discounts by purchasing your tickets in advance online. Although summer in Texas is hot, you can stay cool in Water Park.

Go to Chincoteague Island for a beach vacation

When most people think of “summer vacation”, the beach is often the first image that comes to mind. The temperatures in this part of the VA are only accurate for hot weather, and the prices are acceptable. In addition to the fun on the beach, you can also watch birds, wild horses, and bike.
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Other Ideas

Other great places to buy your summer vacation include:

• Cape Cod, Massachusetts

• Laughlin, NV

• Rovinj, Croatia

• Madrid, Spain

• Phoenix, AZ

• Gatlinburg, TN

• St. Louis, MO

It is best to start planning immediately. Once you start looking for cheap vacation packages, it’s easy to find a deal!
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Internet services are always subject to supervision – especially if you want to save a vacation package. Some companies offer competitive pricing, easy-to-use search tools, and a 24/7 customer service. There are also warnings that you can sign up to receive details of the cheapest summer vacation packages.
Although bitcoin began to halve last month since its inception, it is the first time that cryptocurrency has become a household name, with the previous two appearing in 2012 and 2016.
These reductions occur each time 210,000 units are excavated, and this year the unit cost will be reduced from 12.5 to 6.25.

Bitcoin is obtained because specialized computers add transaction records to bitcoin’s public ledger for previous transactions.

Bitcoin can be produced in 10 minutes, but the process is energy-intensive, presumably according to the energy consumption of the Swiss population.


JT Thomas was inducted into the Little League Soccer News Hall of Fame


James “JT” Thomas, a former West Virginia Mountaineers player, will be inducted into the Little League Soccer News Hall of Fame on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at the Oasis Resort Hotel & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada.
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Thomas’ nomination was overseen by the MLFN’s Board of Directors, and he received a statement of approval from him on July 30.
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“It’s a great honor to receive this award,” Thomas said. “I have to say thank you to everyone for supporting me all these years.”
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Thomas has used strong leadership skills, tireless workouts, and passion for the sport to be a leader in the workforce and to promote less athleticism in youth and half football games.
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The story of JT Thomas ’football career can be divided into three chapters: player, assistant, and senior. Thomas’ professional career began at Fort Scott Community College (Kansas) in 1992. Following his sophomore season, Thomas transferred to West Virginia University (WVU).
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In two seasons at Fort Scott – both as team captain – Thomas earned two All-Kansas Jayhawk Conference honors outside linebacker and Defensive Player of the Game in 1992’s Valley of the Sun Bowl. Inside WVU’s linebacker, Mr. Thomas received two Mountaineer Club’s Most Valuable Awards for field success, earned two All-Big East team awards, and won Defender Player of the Game in the 1994 CarQuest Bowl. He also led both teams in their struggles each season.
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A high-profile college career led Thomas to the semi-pro football circ Circle in 1996 with the Charleston Rockets, where he played for former WVU Major Harris.
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Back on the left for a while, Thomas led the team in sacks and became the League-Star when the Rockets finished their 11-game regular season 10-1. Thomas made a successful effort to move from semi-pro football to the Arena Soccer League in 1997 with the Albany Firebirds, but worked hard after suffering a leg injury on the third day of training camp.
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Instead of a helmet and shoulder strap, the next part of Thomas’ football game featured a headdress and a cutout. After a stint as Defusive Coordator on the winning team of 13-16, Thomas returned to semi-pro football in 2000 as Head Coach of West Virginia WHAM! Located in Morgantown, WV, Thomas averaged a .695 winning percentage (41 wins, 18 losses), won three Coach of the Year awards, and made three All-Star games in six games like WHAM! great head.
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In 2001, Tomonso also directed WHAM! to the Mid-Ohio Football League (League)

During 2003, Thomas took full ownership of WHAM! When they came out on WHAM! in 2005, he decided to change full time to better fit professional football and WHAM! permission. In the two years since leaving teaching, Thomas has been a leading member of the Ohio Valley Soccer League and the MOFL. In January of 2007, Thomas was promoted to Commissioner of MOFL.
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Currently, Thomas oversees the day-to-day operations of the MOFL – an expansion team, of 10 teams in the finals of Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. His passion for a professional athlete coincides with his desire to see the MOFL – as well as any young football organization – create a competitive, efficient, developmental, and exciting football market for sports players and critics to stand for.
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Mr. Thomas also works as a Semi-Professional Sports Consultant with League Level, LLC, a company that provides promotional and promotional services for sports and professional athletes.
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He currently resides in Morgantown, WV, with his wife Rochelle and two children, Jared, 3, and AJ, 10 months. Thomas also has a son, JT Thomas III, from a previous relationship.
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Find Detailed Description of Richmond Hotel, Virginia, USA


Richmond, founded in 1737 is the capital of Virginia, USA. The city’s climate is hot and fluctuating, making it a year-round destination. This beautiful city of Virginia is internationally renowned for its architecture and art and culture.

There are some amazing theaters in the city, some of which are Byrd Theater, St. John Church, Hollywood Cemetery, Fan District and Tuckahoe Plantation etc. This is a must-visit place in Richmond.

The city attracts tens of thousands of people worldwide, not just on vacation but also on business, work and education. Whether you’re coming here for entertainment or business or for some other reason, you just don’t have to struggle for a place to live. The city has an area where you would like to decide which fits your overall budget.

Best Hotel Restaurants

If you are ready to take advantage of the opportunity to travel to Richmond, be sure to stay at any of the city’s hotels. There are many amazing lodging options in Richmond including Tides Inn, Jefferson, Commonwealth Park Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Westin and Omni etc.

Mr. Jefferson

Jefferson is a magnificent five-star hotel, built in 1895. This is the city’s best hotel, renowned for providing excellent service, facilities, and world-class accommodation and royal support. Most major tourist attractions are within walking distance to Jefferson as it is within the town. One of the best things about Jefferson is the 3-star restaurant, the business. This is a great place for business and for the enjoyment of tourists.

Cheap hotels

There is a wide selection of properties in the city, providing amenities and rooms that fit within the overall budget. When traveling here, try to be one of the cheapest hotels, to reduce your extra expenses. Best options for affordable city accommodation include Quality Inn West End, Wyndham’s Wingate, Days Inn Broad Broad, Hyatt Place and Baymont Inn and Suites etc.

Baymont Inn and Suites

is located at 7201 W. Broad Street, the Baymont Inn and Suites are one of the cheapest hotels offering high-quality services, facilities and comfort of luxury hotels at the most affordable prices. Some of the best deals for cheap space are also available by Exercise Room, Free Parking.

The city is home to all kinds of hotels, from friendly to spa, casino and charming hotels. Therefore, just stop struggling to find some kind of accommodation. Whether you are looking for a hotel in a distant city or near an airport, this city will not disappoint you, as it has a hotel in all its corners.

By reaching the Hotel

Richmond’s economy is the economic, legal, governmental and public sector and privet sectors that are most prevalent in the western suburbs. As a result many tourists prefer to stay in or around town. That is why all the famous hotels are set up here. Some of the best accommodation options in the city center include the Commonwealth Park Suites Hotel and Quality Inn West End.

End of Quality Inn West

Situated in the heart of the city, Quality Inn West End is the perfect first-class hotel and comfortable place to stay. This provides an opportunity for other attractive tourist attractions.



West Virginia, The Best Place to Set Your Hat and Re-visit


The United States is truly a wonderful country, as there are all kinds of people, different types of people, cultures, places of beauty and unique in every way, to which we are all lucky. Not long ago, somebody joined me from West Virginia, and I couldn’t help but let that familiar song flow through my head; “Take Me Home, Country Roads” Writer John Denver.

The hills of West Virginia are spectacular, I have been to every city in the country, and I cannot tell you that I have come a long way in West Virginia to take the long route, and I usually have more than I ever had, but I love the same advents. I’ve often wanted to stay longer. I have crossed the middle lanes and nowhere, not knowing where they have gone, but yearning for luck, taking chances, and exploring – it’s like the road is calling to me.

You think, if I had been on a Honda Goldwing instead of a motor driver, I would have been. Someday, I want to do this (Spring or Summer of course), just take one of the streets, just to see where they are going, such interest would be shared if you were there. Anyway, you could take advantage of it, and it struck a chord with you. Of course, that ancient road, John Denver had achieved, wrote down its meaning. You see, if you had seen what I saw, you would agree.

Yes, that ancient road, as it happens on Earth, one knows, somebody in W. Virginia, life was simpler, and more economical. I want to take everyone on the road, spend a year, and see everything. “Take me home, home” – well, to me, I’d rather do this in more states than W. Virginia, I’ve encountered the same in Montana, Wyoming New Mexico, California, Nevada, Idaho, Colado, Arizona, and New England. It’s amazing, what a beautiful country we live in.

However, W. Virginia is beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, entertaining, and wonderful. Yes, sometimes the weather can be tricky, but when it is a clear day, there is so much to see, it is so beautiful. Most people in the city don’t get a chance to see it, but they should. They should. Anyway, you might consider visiting W. Virginia, when I meet other people, and I’m sure you will too.