Everything about the Kadayavan Festival

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The "Kadayavan Festival" derives its name from the word "Davaeno", which means "beautiful", "superior" or "good". It is a festival that is generally grateful, and it is the heir of tribal practice, expressing gratitude for the supreme calling, "Manama," for its abundant harvest. During these tribal festivities, farmers prepared flowers, fruits, and beans as people sang, danced, and offered to the gods.

Today the word of gratitude for the greatness of one year remains the driving force of Kadayavan. However, it has also been transformed into a showcase featuring various Davao resources and products, both locally produced and native-born.

There are many great sights that tourists will enjoy during Kadayavan, including parades and street dancing in colorful costumes and great choreography featuring elements of Lumad and Muslim culture. These are a must have for any tourist who wants an immersive, unforgettable experience.

In addition to street dances, the Kadayavan Festival also features a floral float parade, featuring gorgeous fresh flowers in all types of creative compositions. For those who want something in the way of nightlife, there is also a range of free concerts and entertainment featuring both indigenous performers, local pop performances in contemporary pop performances, and big names in the Philippine entertainment industry. There are also fashion shows and beauty contests featuring different local beauties.

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