Choose a hotel or resort in Langkawi, Malaysia

Every tourist area of ​​Langkawi has a unique atmosphere that is suitable for different types of travelers. Before going ahead and just write reviews according to reviews, read the following and make sure the resort is in the right place for your personality and travel styles.

Pantai Senang
Seafood restaurants, bars, cafes, souvenir shops, spas, discount clothing, internet, guesthouses and B & Bs that are tightly packed into a 2-kilometer beachfront area, Cenang is a classic tropical island holiday destination. During the peak season it becomes quite angry and crowded, not to mention the temptation of noisy jetskis.

Cenang is recommended for backpacks, beach lovers, party animals and recreational lovers. It's safe for families with young children (there is no open drug trafficking or prostitution), but keep in mind that this tape has a lot of adult larvae.

Pantai Tonga:
Tengah is a continuation of Cenang, but the atmosphere is quite different. It's a quieter, more elegant and generally more expensive version of Cenang (but there are still some cheap restaurants and guesthouses nearby).

Tengah is much more suitable for families, couples, mid-term budget travelers and less partygoers. The lively street is a pleasant and romantic sunset, and the beach here is very pleasant. But despite its tranquil surroundings, Tengah is home to two rough nightclubs – Sun Ba and Eagle Rock.

Borau: Bey:
This is a very picturesque bay, which includes two budget resorts that offer tons of water activities. The two resorts here are protected against the amazing Mat Finchang Forest Reserve, so there are many wonderful nature activities offered by the two resorts. One of the two resorts on the island of Berjaya that offers torches on the water.

Burau Bay is located in the north of western Langkawi and is quite a distance, about half an hour & # 39; Traveling to Cenang. It is strongly recommended for mid-budget travel families, honeymooners, nature lovers and water sports fans. However, it is not recommended for travelers to squeeze insects, reptiles and wildlife.

Datai Bay and Tanjung Rhu
Luxury resorts in the north of the island are provided with unlimited facilities. Both beaches are impure and luxurious, and all hotels here offer a level of luxury that makes you wonder if it's worth leaving the resort altogether. The Datai Bay resorts are surrounded by dense rainforest forests and are especially recommended for nature lovers (but insects and wildlife must be avoided). Resorts have the highest nature guides. Needless to say, all of the resorts have large children's activity centers and separate family pools.

Kuwait is our main city center, where banks and government offices are located. If you can live without the beach, Kuwait creates the best base camp for backpacks and budget travelers. It has everything you could think of before the day started. Cheap apartments, cheap restaurants, ATMs, banks, post office, drug stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, money changers, doctors and dentists. Recommended for those who love soft little Third World cities.

When you go camping in Kuwait you need a car or a scooter, but Jetty Point has some great lease deals.

Jalan Pantai Kok:
On the west bank between the airport and the Bauru Bay lies a beautiful wooded mountain at the Sheraton and Tanjung Sanctuary resorts. These are seaside resorts that offer natural natural surroundings and incredible views of the sea, but are not great for swimming. Recommended for nature lovers, families and couples, but beach lovers stay away.

Ulu Melaka
Ulu Melaka is a rice field in the middle of the island. The two main resorts here, Foxhill and Sunset Valley, are structured and furnished in traditional Malay-style islands and offer a variety of cultural activities. Resorts overlook the beautiful rice fields that look magnificent at sunset. Recommended only for those who appreciate local traditional culture and lifestyle.