A short list of Bangkok's most popular hotels, as well as insightful recommendations in Bangkok

As a virtual heart of Southeast Asia, Bangkok is a city full of life and polar opposites that exist in relative harmony. Getting there is only half the battle, figuring out where to stay and what to do really helps dictate where to stay. This is probably obvious, but you can find Bangkok maps and look at major destinations such as the Dusit Zoo, the Hua Lampong Railway Station, the Kho San Road, the Lumpin Park, the City of China, the Monument to Democracy, and of course Wat. Each area has its own & # 39; s plus … but also maybe a minus here and there. Some of the most modest hotels are The Peninsula, Westin, The Oriental, Shangri-La Hotel, JW Marriot and Baiyoke Sky Hotel, along with countless others.

There are many areas for less expensive accommodations, however, Khao San Road is often dominated by tourists, however if you rub elbows with this crowd, this is what your boat is swimming in, then this is the place to go. There should be … many hotels and guests The houses in this part of Bangkok are geared towards budget-minded backpacks. Remember, Bangkok is a city of contrasts. Finding a hotel near Hua Lamphong will make it easy for you when you need to reach Railway Station 4. 50th to catch another part of Thailand by train … Train travel is best booked at least a day in advance – it's not hard to find someone to do it for you or & nbsp; It's not bad to actually go there and do it yourself. Getting on the train should not be considered low lip, as you should see many villages and have other opportunities that you would not have if you simply used the many economical flights operating throughout the country. Usually, it comes with how much time you have and less about the amount of money at your disposal. A train to Chiang Mai can run you 1,300 Baht for a night's sleep … a flight can only be three or more ($ 75-125USD). HLamphong Railway Station is really a tourist who has good English helpers, ready and able to help you, of course, for free. It stops at MRT (underground train at BKK), which also joins BTS. Depending on what your main focus is for your trip, you may find it valuable to position yourself along the very modern airport BTS (Bangkok Transit System), which is 10x faster than travel. other ways. city: