A piece of crab heaven

Crab Province is located on the northern coast of Thailand. It has not been discovered by tourists for many years, but lately it has become more popular. The crab has become famous for its magnificent cliffs, its emerald islands, lush green rain forests and, of course, the small islands that dot the warm Member Sea. Crowning glory is the beautiful, tranquil beaches where the waves of the sea hurry to greet the delicate white sand.

Krabi is a busy market town and boasts a really nice day and night markets. Like the rest of Thailand, you can find a number of great deals and experience a chunk of Thai life. Here you can taste some fine Thai delicacies, have a henana tattoo for yourself, souvenir souvenirs or just watch Thai life. Magnificent limestone cliffs hide many cave and rock formations. Tiger & # 39; s Paw is a well-known exploration point, and you will be well paid for climbing the 1237 steps by watching the magnificent Krabi landscape below and the huge Buddha statue.

Explore an attractive tourist destination

The cliffs are becoming more and more popular with climbers who want to blow their strength and skill against nature-provided rocks and mountains. There are several mountaineering gear and schools that provide guides, equipment and mountaineering tours. Digging on those clean rocks should be an exciting experience. The main beach is Raleigh Beach, which remains inaccurate as it is only accessible by boat. Most people prefer to stay here and enjoy the spectacular views of the sea and the sunset. Krabi's famous hotels are mainly located on the Raleigh and Ao Nang beaches and serve the entire budget consolidation. It has more of a tourist-like atmosphere, and there are a number of bars and truly great seafood dishes. You can also head to small beaches like Nam Mao, which have recently developed eco hotels.

Exploring the rain forest is also a great day & # 39; You can explore the many hidden caves, swim under natural waterfalls, fall into a monastery of Buddhist temples that spreads over the area or yields to natural hot water springs. Overall, a wonderful break from the days of promotion, diving and water sports.