Hyderabad & # 39; Ramoj movie and some good hotels in Herderabad

The capital of Andhra Pradesh, the capital of Hyderabad, is located on the Dekkan plateau and on the Musi River, about 650 meters above sea level. Hyderabad's topography consists mainly of hills, ancient monuments, forests, mosques, temples, tanks, and rich carved artifacts that reflect its heritage in art, crafts, and rock art. Hyderabad's tourist attractions attract every nook and corner of the world of tourists who come here to get a feel of the true essence of India. Even Hyderabad hotels meet the expectations of travelers by providing them with a warm welcome and extraordinary service.

& # 39; The Biryani City & # 39; or & # 39; pearl city & # 39; As is customary to say, Hyderabad is a mixture of history and modernity. Well-known tourist attractions in Hyderabad are Charmar, Golkonda Fortress, Buddha Statue and Salarjung Museum, Qutub Shah Tombs, Birla Planetarium and Birla Mandir. There are many gardens and places to visit such as Dhola-Ri-Dhani, Runway 9 Go Carting, Lunch At Dhaba, Tank Bund, Lumbini Park, Necklace Road and NTR Park. A fleet of buses, luxurious A / C coaches and private taxis are available to surround you.

Day trip from Hyderabad

The world's largest complex of film studios, the Ramoji Movie (RFC), makes a wonderful day trip from Hyderabad. It is considered the biggest tourist destination in Asia to offer a number of offers. From game shows, swimming, spectacular venues, great entertainment, great food court, shopping, events and more, it has everything under one roof. Validated by Guinness Book World Records, Ramoji is a genre in all of Asia and perfect for holidaymakers, honeymooners, corporate events, themed parties, adventure camps, and family parties. Located just 16 km from Hyderabad and within easy reach of the city's public and private transport systems. It's the perfect haven for the whole family. There is a special Russian subdivision that caters to all the travel needs of its tourists, both national and international. There are many exotic sights that are fascinating to the eyes of the studio complex. Its breathtaking landscapes, adventure theme parks, and larger life events can leave you dumb and uneasy as you travel your way to enjoy here and every fun element. RFC's 360-degree virtual tour enables you to get a clear panoramic view of this magical world. In general, a visit to the RFC is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

Hyderabad Hotels:

A great option for good hotels in Hyderabad is Aditya Park Inn in Hyderabad. It is well equipped with all modern amenities and provides comfortable accommodation and personalized services for its guests. It is conveniently located in the new city center of Hyderabad, 3 km from the airport and 7 km from the train station. The hotel has a 24-hour restaurant serving summer dinners and an English pub. Prices for this Hyderabad hotel are 5,100 rubles, including free breakfast.