Hanging on the beach house. Female Suicide or Murder?

Coronado, California is as close to the perfect place as you'll find in the world. It features a beautiful beach, safe streets, great shops and restaurants, a famous playground, golf courses, a rugged blue harbor bridge that attaches to San Diego and the historic Hotel Del Coronado. The city is bordered on both sides by the US Navy SEAL base base and the North Island Naval Station, where President Obama is landing as he arrives on Air Force One to visit San Diego. If you can afford to live there, and small homes start at more than a million dollars, that's paradise.

The Coronado Police Department protects and services visitors and tourists, longtime residents, retired military officers, and new and old money workers. (McNa McCain and his wife, Cindy, have a view of Coronado Beach.) With about 45 sworn members, it maintains peace in a largely peaceful city. So, on July 13, 2011, when a young woman was found dead on the grounds of a $ 12 million Coronado home owned by a wealthy entrepreneur (known as a Speke's mansion after the founding father of the city of San Diego). To assist the San Diego Sheriff's Department and the 39th Department of Homicide.

Rebecca Jahaw, 32, was a friend of Jon Jonah Shakna, 54, a wealthy business owner whose company produces health and beauty supplements. In the early hours of July 13, Rebekah hung herself on the second floor balcony. His naked body was found on the ground below by his friend and his 39-year-old brother, who lived on the property in the living room.

His death was part of a strange sequence of home events. Two days before Rebecca's death, Jonah Shackney and his six-year-old son, Max, were seriously injured when they fell off a second-floor staircase. Investigators of child abuse and homicide believe that Max jumped or fell as he jumped down the stairs and endangered his life. They do not believe that the boy was pushed or attacked in any way.

Rebecca is believed to blame Max and 39 for injuries to the extent that she killed herself out of regret or shame. Before her death, she had known that she would not survive her accidental fall, and she died two days after she was killed.

According to the Sheriff & # 39; In the ward, just after 1am, while Max was dying in the hospital, Rebecca Jahaw took a shower, removed her clothes, and used a paint brush and a black paint pipe, a message on the living room door, where she kept her art supplies. The message reads: "PROMISE THEM / CAN PROMISE HIM"

He then tied a red nylon rope that he could probably take from the garage where the navigation equipment was stored, at the foot of his bed frame. He wrapped the rope around the long blouse around his neck, tied his legs to the rope, tied his hands to the rows of rings, turned to a small balcony out of the window, and leaned or leaned over the railing. He fell to about nine feet, and the force of the jump choked him.

Not surprisingly, this case first impressed residents of the cities of Coronado and San Diego before it became national and international news. How could this house become the site of two suspicious deaths in such a short period of time? The baby was killed or fell. Has Rebekah been killed or has she killed herself because she actually used violence against that boy or because she feels guilty about properly supervising her?

At a two-hour news conference, the San Diego County Sheriff's and Penitentiary Department presented in detail their investigation, evidence and conclusions about his death. The black paint from the door book was found on his hand and body; There was a small knife and a large knife in the bedroom. his fingerprints were found on the baby and his DNA on the big one. his DNA was found on a bed, rope, balcony door, and bedroom door; on the floor of the dusty balcony were found his bare feet and shoe impressions. the changes in the dust placed on the balcony were in line with the passage on his body, and the scratches on his back and legs hit the big plants below. No other footprints, fingerprints or DNA were found at the scene. There were no signs of fighting, fighting or sexual assault in the bedroom.

Rebecca's family and the 39-year-old disputed the results of the investigation and hired a lawyer. Well-known forensic scientist, Dr. Michael Baden (no high-profile mass media cases involving no single deaths) looked at the details of the case from his New York office and the San Diego Union-Tribune said he believed the Sheriff's 39 it was valid and accurate.

Rebecca's family members are outraged that the sheriff's investigation could conclude that she killed himself. They do not agree that it was out of grief, shame, or depression. She had told friends and family that she had felt depressed for the past year, but her parents did not believe it was. They said she has a lot to live for and that her personality is always happy.

And what can be naked? His parents insist that their Burmese-Asian culture is too modest for a woman to leave unexplained in death. And what about his hands and feet? How could he get his hands on his back? The Sheriff's Department and the 39th Department, in fact, filmed a video that shows how they believe Rebekah tied her hands, which they showed at a news conference to cover details of their investigation. Depending on how the ropes rotate around his wrists in large rings, he would not have to take the acrobat or Harry Houdini's ghost to tie his hands. (You can watch the video link here: http://www.uniontrib.com/mansion)

Dr. Michael Baden told the local newspaper that hanging out with the 32,000 people they killed last year is just a gunshot because it is a method of suicide. Many physicians involved in suicide investigations who perform a psychiatric autopsy on behalf of the medical examiner and the 39th Office agree that women are not usually subject to suicide (ie, gunshots to the face or cut to the wrists), such as hanging or watching. their method.

As for the cryptic note on the door, then Rebekah and her own hand. Why wasn't that clearer? Why did he write so that we could fully interpret what he was feeling, or was he blaming himself for minor Max's injuries and subsequent death, or why he decided to kill himself? in such a provocative way.

Bill Gore (who was special commissioner of the San Diego FBI field office before being elected sheriff of San Diego in 2006) said he had reviewed the 2008 medical examinations at Ge University of Washington. The study that explains why people committed suicide naked as a way to purify themselves of actions, as a purification ceremony, or as a self-confidence for their sin.

Suicide victims take their reasons with them. Rebecca Jahaw had her reasons, and although they are far enough away for her family, they are theirs. There is nothing at this time that suggests that the Sheriff & # 39; The Department impedes the investigation. Their cases were meticulous and accurate, not only because it was similar to murder at first, but also because of the high level of location, the homeowner and the previous child.

Rebecca and her brother or her friend have nothing to do with her death or any other known or unknown person. There is no forensic maniac in the streets of Coronado who used suicide scenarios to cover his killings. He is dead by his own hands, and it is a tragedy.