Where to get discounted Disneyland tickets?

Ask a sleeping child what their dream vacation is, and I'm sure Disneyland or Disney World is probably one of them. As the world's most popular theme park, children just love cartoon characters, walks and sights in Disneyland. Even adults. While most families would love to have a vacation there, it is undeniable that it can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are unaware of where to buy cheap Disneyland tickets. Moreover, if you are a factor in the hotel, food, gifts and other necessities.

So how much can you save on discounted tickets like Disneyland?

With proper planning, such discounted tickets can save you a lot. Let's take this as an example. Assuming your plan is to spend 5 days in the park, purchasing Disney World Theater Park tickets for each day will set you back about $ 315 per subscriber (10 and older) or $ 260 (for ages 3-9). .

But if you only get a 5-day ticket, you will only make about $ 200 or $ 162 for each window. If you purchase your tickets in advance, you will enjoy more savings than buying them at the gate. Remember that the illustrations above are subject to change, so always remember to check current prices before making your decisions.

Now that you're sure, the question then becomes "Where can you get so cheap Disneyland tickets?" Here are some tried and tested methods:

(1) Get your tickets in advance at Disney and the 39th official website

As mentioned, getting tickets before you get to the gate will help you save a good price. Not only will you save at least $ 40 on each ticket when you purchase them 8 days prior to purchase, you may also be entitled to early access to gardens (subject to ticket purchase and subject to conditions). While you're on the site, remember to check if Disneyland has any special promotions that work for your travel schedule. Who knows? You can put an end to much more than you think.

(2) Stay in Hotels Near Disneyland

Well, despite the high room rates, Disneyland-related hotels offer many package deals that are more economical if you are doing the right thing. Many, if not all, deals involve one or more days of sack reservoir crossings, and that alone is a great savings. In addition, staying at such hotels can improve your vacation experience as they are so close to the parks. Another saving tip. If you prefer not to stay in one of the Disney hotels and decide to just go to a nearby hotel, check out Disneyland's Good Neighborhoods scheme to see if your hotel is on the list. Booking a hotel with a plan can also save some money.

(3) Special Benefits for Southern California Residents and Military Personnel

Did you know that if you are a resident of Southern California, you also have the right to special savings from Disneyland tickets? A family of four with two children can decorate Southern California Election Passports with several hundred gadgets (as opposed to spending 2 separate days) if they are flexible about the days when they can participate. People with a military background or background can also enjoy huge discounts on Disneyland tickets. Always remember to check if anyone in your travel group has this privilege.

(4) Advantage of perennial theme parks

If your itinerary includes other theme parks in the area (such as Universal Studios Hollywood and Sea World Adventure Park), buy Southern California City Pass. Why Since in addition to the Disneyland Park Reservoir ticket 3 days after the Bonus, you will also have access to Universal Studios, the Sea World and your chosen San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Zoo or Zoo.

(5) Buy unused tickets or go through online forums, classifieds, auctions

If you are not thinking about doing a little research, traveling online online can surprise you with deals. At some auction sites, such as eBay or Craiglist, people sell their duplicate or unwanted passes for the part you pay for at Disney's official site. It's not a great way to get some cheap Disneyland tickets, but staying away from the listings will get you infected with the holiday mood, but with an added bonus.