Timeshare – It's & nbsp; That's a good thing

A few years ago we bought our first vacation vacation weeks. We had no idea what we were doing, but we made our purchases and never regretted the decision.

It was a good choice to spend weeks on the beach at a place we enjoyed visiting. For the first few years we used the summer week to return to our resort and exchange during the early fall week.

One of our first exchanges was at Hilton Head Island, where we discovered the Island Club with numerous specialists and tennis courts where guests could play for free. As unpleasant tennis players, we were thrilled. The resort was in front of a beautiful wide beach at a great distance. We could walk in what seemed like miles in one direction without meeting a soul. On the low tide we didn't even have to wet our feet. With higher tides we could break through the rocks to continue our journey.

We loved the place so much, we decided to make our next purchase right from the resort without attending a sales meeting. Now we had three weeks when friends at home told us it was a big mistake.

It wasn't for us. We had two years to use each year and one to trade.

And how fun we were shopping! Located in Pennsylvania, Poconos provided picturesque landscapes. During this trip, I created some great acrylic pictures, 42 by 54 inches, which I later sold to commercial sites that were displayed. We traveled to the Bahamas, where we had exchanges at both places during the week. Not only did I create larger acrylic paintings from this trip, but I also found the setting for one of my novels.

The condition for another book came from Antigua Island on two exchanges. We found a great resort there in the exotic Caribbean Sea. After visiting the island's Museum of History, Spark was born for the secrets of the sea, my mysterious 2008 novel.

Over the years, we have exchanged many interesting destinations, including an attractive resort right across the street from the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California. Where we lived Del & # 39; s most amenities, with no room costs. The Palm Springs Tennis Club introduced us to this inventive community of Hollywood glory. Hawaii resorts left us with amazing memories. We especially enjoyed the lively views of the island of Kauai, a place we have visited many times. Sint Maarten with its glorious colors and beaches is a place to experience some of our favorite times. We want to go back there again and again.

Trinidad was the resort home that brought us one of our greatest adventures. That journey set me up for the novel I am finishing now.

Timeshare vacations. We have loved them and look forward to our next paradise outing.