Energy spirits

Reports of paranormal activity have been going on for years, but one occasion changed my view. I realized that what we call "ghosts" is a pocket of looted energy.

Years ago, one of the newspapers in the city of El Kajon, California, called The Daily Californian, wrote a series of travel stories for me. One was involved in Riverside County to spend the night in Miss Nine.

This property has been described in many ways, but it is fantasy and whimsical in woven architecture. Life-size images swirl through the clock tower, hidden staircases lead to catacombs, and balconies are everywhere. There was even a huge Buddha that you could sit in his lap and paint your picture the way Rachel Welch used to.

I was booked into a room, did a review of my dish and started to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I felt someone in front of me. Every time: For hours: I turned on each light, then turned it off and on. It was exhausting.

Nothing will remove it. In the morning 2. On the 30th I refused and checked. I left the hotel and drove all the way to San Diego, arriving just before sunset.

I still don't know what was in that room with me, but I felt it and it was there. And I don't believe in ghosts. After that experiment, I decided that maybe the energy was failing. Here's what my belly felt from the hotel room, something was trapped and I was invading its area.

Recently with a friend with a camera and I decided to try a video on the historic Eagle Mine in Julian, California, it appeared in a "lift room" of a similar scene. I was not surprised because I realized that feeling. The man in my booth had a different reaction.

He ran from the mine and the only video we got was the basis for the run. I wrote the story with still shots. She claims that when she lifted the camera, she saw someone standing behind me.

Visions are pockets of energy that are shaken by the wrong vibration, so they interfere with the surrounding energy. When sensitive people approach unbalanced areas, some perceive decline. Sometimes such energy will be temporarily or will be merged. Borders are dissolved and reappeared, but not at will.

When man began to manipulate electricity and other forms of power, imbalances emerged that some people might feel – artists, writers, creators, and so on. Everything was pure energy in time, which was the result of vibration. Some clusters are caught in a rapid fluctuation and are perceived by us as artists.