A professional interior photographer shares the benefits of electronic Flash lighting systems

For exterior photography and interior photography, bright lighting makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of an architectural photograph, regardless of whether commercial photography has advertised an architectural or interior product; hotel / resort photos to advertise the hospitality market. interior design photos for interior designers, or architectural or architectural photography for the builder. In […]

5 Steps to New Patriotism: What can you do?

According to the election results, there is a tidal wave of optimism and hope. On the eve of the new president, we are pregnant with expectations and surprises, and some of us with fear. What will happen next, and how can I help? If there has ever been a time when one has meaning, now. […]

Fable rock and hard place. A choice from fear or faith

In the process of self-development and personal transformation, we often come to a place of choice where we choose to be doomed. We are caught between Rocky and a hard place. Passing through this node is an infinite probability. The Rock represents your mental thinking, which usually tells you the logical, rational and linear way […]

San Francisco and Latin Quarterly # 39

The Apostolic District, or more commonly called the Mission, is one of San Francisco's 39th districts with a large Latino population. The area was named after the sixth mission of Alta California, the Mission San Francisco de Asis mission, which was built on the site prior to civilization because of the land occupied by a […]

Psychological archeology

I had the opportunity to interview Stefan Schwartz, who was a pioneer in "mental archeology" where in physics & # 39; meaning & # 39; Location of the ancient site, drawing circles on the map. One of his projects was in Egypt, where they found Cleopatra & # 39; palace palace and Mark Anthony & […]

Dental implants may be available

For many years I have only been doing nude essentials to preserve my teeth. Of course, I brush daily and brush my teeth at least once a year, but dental work is expensive. Even cleaning can cost $ 200. Like many people in Canada and the US, I do not have dental insurance. Even people […]