The first hotel in the moon finally opened

August 20, 2025 – Today a new chapter in space tourism has been written. Rhode Markham and his wife Susan Mills safely arrived in the moon to spend five days as the first guests at the Straits Hotel set up two years ago.

Not only are they the first hotel guests on the moon, they have also set a new record for expensive accommodation, as the price was $ 3.7 million per night. However, the exclusive transfer from the country to the hotel was included in the price.

The hotel itself will probably have a hard time just trying to get one star in any hotel rating system since there is no room service, guests have to do their own room cleaning and there is no bathroom. However, they have more stars than they need outside their window.

Rhode and Susan will be married through their local minister at 9:00 pm today in San Diego, California.

They were accompanied by six other astronauts who will be staying on holiday during their vacation, who made reservations at the Straight Hotel next year. There are no staff at the hotel so far, only temporary staff.