The Best Three Pet Hotels in the United States

The trend in pet-friendly hotels is on the rise and they appear in the US. However, there are 3 hotel chains that go beyond simply accepting pets. They welcome them with open paws and have thought of a number of creative ways to make you and your pet feel incredibly vulnerable.

# 1 Kimpton Hotels

There are no weight restrictions, no animal restrictions and no animal restrictions at Kimpton hotels. They don't even pay extra. They are truly the most acceptable and welcoming pets. If you do not have your own pet, they will gladly provide you with gold to keep you company during your stay.

The large Kimpton hotels have an Animal Curtain that will welcome your pet upon arrival. They will also provide you with food utensils, water utensils, and animal beds. There are additional extras such as pet massage, tasty treats, chew toys, cat scratches, and they offer pet services such as pet sitting and dog walking. Animals are also invited to take part in a fun wine hour.

# 2 Indigo Hotels

Many Indigo hotels will call you before your arrival to see if they can improve your stay beyond your expectations. On arrival you will receive a dog charity basket. Hotel Indigo, Asheville Downtown, even provide customized dog treats for your pet.

They will also provide you with bowls, beds, toys and complementary drill bags. My favorite feature of their pet-friendly program is their cattle cocktail parties known as Jupp Hur. Guests, their four-legged friends and locals mingle on cocktails, and some of the proceeds go to a local animal shelter.

Indigo hotels have some weight restrictions that vary between individual hotels, and they also charge a one-time fee that ranges from $ 40-75.

# 3: Loews Hotels:

On arrival you will receive a welcome package including hospitality, golden pet supplies, bowls, drill bags and vouchers for local pet-friendly establishments. In your room you will find amenities like beds, trash cans, carving messages, bone-in raw materials, and even animal DVDs. They also offer pet services such as sitting and walking pets.

Loews Hotels strives to wait for you on paws and legs, and they have room service departments created especially by the award-winning chef for pets. If your pet is adventurous, then you can head to San Diego's Loews Hotel, where they host dog travel competitions. If your dog is more likely to follow the advice, then visit Loews Hotels, St Pete Beach, where they offer expert dog care.

All pets are welcome, and they have a one-time fee, which usually ranges from $ 25 to $ 35.