Dental implants may be available

For many years I have only been doing nude essentials to preserve my teeth. Of course, I brush daily and brush my teeth at least once a year, but dental work is expensive. Even cleaning can cost $ 200. Like many people in Canada and the US, I do not have dental insurance. Even people I know who have dental insurance need procedures that are too expensive for them to pay for after the insurance coverage.

Over the years, I had lost two back teeth that I needed to replace, and I had a broken tooth at the back of my mouth that needed a crown. This work cost me thousands, especially since I was thinking about missing tooth implants. I kept postponing it until one day, because of a minor accident, one of my front teeth was broken. A visit to the dentist, then to the specialist who did the implants, left me with a $ 20,000 bill to do all my dental work.

Since it was not in doubt, I began to explore alternatives online. After searching for a few days and talking to people who I personally knew who were abroad for dental work, I finally decided to go to Tijuana, Mexico.

Since the implant procedure takes two visits in two months, I had to find a destination that was not expensive to fly twice. My husband was also coming for some minor procedures, so now the cost of the flights would be even higher.

I live in Vancouver, Canada, and can travel within one hour to the Bellingham Washington Airport. From there I can fly to San Diego for 2 hours and 15 minutes for under $ 100. In Tijuana, I found a dentist who would take us to our office in Tijuana. We stayed in a very nice hotel in Tijuana, or it's easy to get back to the border and stay in the US. The dentist has a car and safes that brought us back and forth from the hotel and the border. I felt very safe.

Three months later I returned to Tijuana and finished my dental work. As it turned out, I had 4 implants, 2 extractions, 7 crowns, a root canal, cleaning and bleaching, and my total bill was $ 5,500. I'm very pleased.

The dentist was very professional and personable. His office was very clean and modern with the latest equipment. Everyone in his office spoke very good English. I felt safe and secure with her abilities and it was a very easy and enjoyable trip. Anyone could do it.