Fable rock and hard place. A choice from fear or faith

In the process of self-development and personal transformation, we often come to a place of choice where we choose to be doomed. We are caught between Rocky and a hard place. Passing through this node is an infinite probability.

The Rock represents your mental thinking, which usually tells you the logical, rational and linear way to go. Safe road, commonly accepted road, easy way out. The hard place inside you is that deep place that wants you to follow your heart, take you high on the ground, and follow your bliss. It is rare in this world when you develop a higher level of consciousness that avoids spoiling the rock and the hard place.

The dilemma is between you and you. Little one, you are the one with the human mind who wants the way that is most taken. Yours is your Bible that wants you to keep track of your joy.

On the journey of higher consciousness you reach for infinite possibilities, but human thinking which you do not believe in them in this context. You may believe the "miracle" in another context, but you can do it in this one.

For example, you & # 39; You are talking to a friend again about leaving a miserable job where the salary is low and the boss miserable. You may be advised to take the risk, take on the work that seems most enjoyable in Alaska. For this choice, it's easy for you to know that what feels better is definitely a better choice for your friend than staying miserable.

However, when the choice is up to you, you are steamed and steamed on it. You keep going on that miserable, rotten affair, getting bored with your mind day by day and devouring the criticism voiced by undervalued leadership. Every chance you get, though, you're looking for a new job. Then, here and here, find one. You go in for an interview, and everything seems to be true, except for one thing – no benefit. The payment is better. position is exactly what you are looking for in decision-making responsibilities. You spend your own hours and get bonuses for timely and budget-driven projects. This is exactly the challenge you are looking for. And to turn everything off you can set your own hours and even work from home. However, positions are of no use.

Now comes the rock and the hard place about this one problem of benefits. But it's not really about the benefits, it's about your faith and confidence in trusting the good in you. Your human mind begins to sound all the warnings of judgment about illness and accidents. It jumps down on you automatically because it has found the perfect job that will make you happy every day.

It comes with it. You both believe in and trust in your goodness or your don & # 39; t: You will either choose to live in the Faith and be directed to know that your good is real. or you live "safe" by allowing fear to guide your adventures on Earth.

These scenarios are the most intestinal as you go through them. but they are the ones who respond to your free life quest, more joy, more love – but you will have to grow your consciousness from fear to faith in your good in order to pass it from the past. These are the decisive moments of life. the road travels most often or the road travels less often.

Your Spirit, your god, your true Self reach for fun, joy, fulfillment.

Follow That ; your Good always plays . Your good is infinite. Your good always feels good.