5 Steps to New Patriotism: What can you do?

According to the election results, there is a tidal wave of optimism and hope. On the eve of the new president, we are pregnant with expectations and surprises, and some of us with fear. What will happen next, and how can I help? If there has ever been a time when one has meaning, now. What is it you can i do

Of course, there is not much you can do about the economy, the Iraq war, or the state of our education system. Searching for "there" is what makes us feel small, helpless and powerless. But President-elect Obama has told us: "So let us gather a new spirit of patriotism, responsibility, where each of us is determined to work harder and take care not only of us but of one another." He has set guidelines for our participation in this new America. And before we can invest in what you can do, let me assure you of this: Never doubt that what you do and how you treat each of us as a whole. It does

  • First, President-elect Obama called on us to invite new patriotism within our individuals. What does this mean for you? It is a call include:. In the new patriotism you will try to see your compatriots as legitimate beings with legitimate concerns, opinions and views. It means that you will feel them in love, even when you hear a view that you do not see, not even say you share. How do you see them as valuable? Their concerns or opinions are not just who they are, but just opinions. This is essential patriotism 101. Everyone and every point of view should be here. Hooray for that, because if this weren't right, your opinion wouldn't be here either. So when someone raises a question that makes your blood boil, this time it stops. Discuss your inner frustration like this: you say Then really listen.
  • This new patriotism is about the end of division and the end of the movement in unity. It allows for all things. It listens to everything. In the past, it was wrong to believe that old patriotism was unique. If you think of the form of "we", you are in. This new patriotism magnifies and values ​​all opinions and people. It includes: So when you hear some old talk, old fornication, slander, silence, and distraction, you can move on. You are no longer able to respond to equal gossip, slander, and derogatory words. You can respond with tolerance and understanding. These old forms of thinking have their roots in irrational fear. No word will ever soothe irrational fear. But you can allow someone else to express their fear without being answered. You can answer this: “I can understand how you can think about it. But there is more, let's watch this event. Everyone is included in this feast, even you. " If your expectations are not met during this election, you may be open to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised, if not surprised. You can relax and let your needs, desires and expectations also matter. You can look for and expect the good.
  • As for responsibility: We all have a responsibility to be actively involved in this new patriotism in our government. We need to pay attention and stay awake; Email, phone, and the like are in line with our opinions, concerns, praise, and, above all, our ideas with our senators, representatives, and the White House. They are important, unique and will be heard.
  • What about working better and working? Promote the best you can. If this is literally on the sidewalk or running a marathon for something, and you can and feel the urge to do it, do it. Put in your ideas and inspirations. If you can't say something nice or constructive, be determined to stay as long as you can. Work harder on your inner state. Pay attention to how you feel. If you run a tape after a roll of negative, frightening thoughts and ideas, retire them and delete them. Work hard to get yourself involved in this new model, as you will be excluded only by your own ideas.
  • As for searching for others, as much as you want to look for yourself. This is knowing that there is enough for everyone and a table for everyone. In your personal meetings, connect everyone to the idea of ​​winning / winning. How can this work for all the higher goods concerned? Then start looking for these ways.

Applying one or all of these practices will not only make life happier for you, but also for us, the Whole. This is the new patriotism of power in Love, which is based on your personal self-development.