Green Living – Eco Home Design and Environmental Friendly Habits

Why green life?

I have 8 grandchildren and I would love for them to live in a world as good or better than the world we know today. But this will only be possible if we pay more attention to the use of natural resources and the environment. I think I have to take responsibility for what I can do with my daily life, and I would recommend that you do the same if you take care of your grandchildren.

Is it hard to live greener?

Many have the feeling that living more green is very tedious, expensive and difficult. But listen to these tips and see if they suit your temperament and abilities. As with many things in life, it helps to think and plan a little in advance what you want to do. For me, the following approach to greener everyday life was helpful.
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Generate ideas for green living

Take five minutes to list many things you expect to reduce your and your family’s environmental impact. Just put an end to the ideas that come to mind. If possible, do it as a family event at the table and include everyone in this green storm. Think of three types of greener life as follows and put your green ideas into three categories:

1. Green ideas that will save you money
2. Green ideas that will be neutral for your economy
3. Green ideas that will cost you money

1. Green ideas that will save you money

Ideas for a greener life that will save you money should be implemented immediately. It is foolish to waste money and at the same time pollute more or use more resources than necessary. Many companies here in Denmark have used this to reduce their environmental impact and at the same time improve their competitiveness and profits from this green initiative. Many private households would also benefit from this.

Examples of green ideas that will more or less save you money from the moment you implement them are:

– Avoid running toilets and dripping faucets (remember the garden too).
– Let your lamps and electricity work more than necessary, e.g. in rooms without any persons, and lamps in electrical equipment standby.
– Drive your care softer and reduce petrol consumption and keep tires longer.

2. Green ideas that will be neutral for your economy
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If you think of your grandchildren as I recommend, you should also consider green ideas that will be neutral for your economy. Ideas for a greener life need just a little attention from you in your daily life.

Such green habits could be

– When shopping, avoid extra bags and packaging from the store if you do not need it.
– Make your own compost in your garden and keep as many nutrients in your garden as possible instead of ‘exporting’ garden waste and you have to buy fertilizers etc.
– Reduce the consumption of red meat and prepare foods with more fish, chicken and turkey and supplement with more vegetables. – It will be healthier.

3. Green ideas that will cost you money

Ideas for a greener life that cost you could also be worth considering, so read on. Here I will emphasize the impact on the environment when you buy new types of equipment, such as a new freezer, a new car, a new computer, a new washing machine, etc. The whole trend of eco house design will often belong to this category.

Take the time to explore the different qualities related to the environmental impact of different brands and models of machinery and equipment. Seek an independent environmental impact assessment. In Europe, we have the A to E label for energy consumption and the most environmentally friendly washing machines, etc. will have an A label. Most consumers, at least in Denmark, will be very aware of this label and opt for it if it is not too expensive.

The beauty of such a cost is that in most cases it will pay off in the long run to pay extra for an environmentally friendly model because you will save electricity or other problems in the long run. In many cases a premium environmentally friendly machines it will also be of the best quality and it will help you too. So you see it’s not that hard to start with someone new green habits and you can still look your grandchildren in the eye because you care about their future.